Rumor: Halo Wars Dev Ensemble Shutting Down

Shacknews has learned via multiple independent reports that developer Ensemble Studios will shut down operation following the release of its upcoming title Halo Wars.

According to sources, employees not associated with Halo Wars have been laid off today. Those attached to Halo Wars have been offered incentives to stay on the project until completion.

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GiantEnemyCrab3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I didn't know MS owns Ensemble Studios?

I hope it's not true.

heyheyhey3745d ago

yeah, it's because they do that i actually have a Microsoft published game (AOM)

oh yeah and if this is true then the 360 is so fvcked it's not even funny

jerkstore3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I understand why you would be sad. As Microsoft's biggest hooker, you would lose a lot of your customers at Ensemble.

I mean, servicing all of MS probably hurts your jaw a lot, but now this will hurt your wallet.


Edit @ below CloudMan: Awww, seems to me I forgot to include you, as EnemaCrab's slut in training. When you wipe all of Bill Gates' "specimen" off your face, then come talk to me. I couldn't hear you over the gurgling noises you were making.


ThatCanadianGuy3745d ago can really feel the love in here..

Hububla3745d ago

hahaha bubbles up bro
very well done

GiantEnemyCrab3745d ago

Oh look Jerkstore is acting like Mr. toughguy over the fvckin internet. You would get your fvckin neck broke if you talked like that to my face you little b!tch.

Now I'm going back to service your mom for the 10th time this month since we know how all that imbreeding in the family has left your daddy d!ckless.. Like father like adopted son or should I say adopted little b1tch..

mohib-uddin79865323745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

ShadowMan/ CloudMan you Suck

YoshiMeetsU3745d ago

You know this jerkstore is just some little fat nerd kid who sits in his room all night after spending the school day being picked on. I mean who goes off like that on someone unprovoked over the internet? The very definition of a puss.

NO_PUDding3745d ago

GiantEnemyCrab you also talk like a 'b1tch', seems a bit hypocrtiical.

You wouldn't break my neck or his, if I/he spoke to you like that. We all know that. Just calm down. I know he doesn't seem that clever but trheats are another thing.

GiantEnemyCrab3745d ago

No_PUD: Fvck you 2! Your just another Sony c0ckbobber taking sides with your fellow Sony jerk-off. You can bet on it you would get your ass kicked if you talked like that to me. Despite what you think you know and that is no threat..

Look at my original post and look at that reply and you are going to go on my case about it? Are you for real?

Dyingduck3745d ago

Those attached to Halo Wars have been offered incentives to stay on the project until completion.

I wonder what kind of incentives...LMAO - no one cares about [email protected][email protected]#!

KBDuB3745d ago

"LMAO - no one cares about [email protected][email protected]#!" Apparently you do. You're in every singe fcking article that has even the slightest thing to do with Halo.

Stickguy2593745d ago

I agree with KBDuB

And second off, why do you only have two bubbles DyingDuck? My guess is it's because you don't ever have anything meaningful to contribute to any conversation ever.

Jerk store's an a$$, and so is Hububla for agreeing with him.

GiantEnemyCrab may have overdone it, but Jerk store is an a$$, so I can understand.

About the news though, I like Ensemble studios for their Age of Empires games, and was kind of looking forward to Halo Wars. It'll suck if this rumor is true, but I don't think it'll be as big of a blow to Microsoft as heyheyhey would like to have us believe. I mean, Halo Wars would still be released, and that doesn't mean another company couldn't take up the reigns of top RTS maker, and DLC creator for Halo Wars.

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Xi3745d ago

Ensemble has been with MS a long time, making the age of empire series. I doubt they're being shut down, maybe some of the staff is being laid off but i doubt the studio is shutting down.

mohib-uddin79865323745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Their losing all there studios as well as companies that favoured them like a 2nd party

They lost: Bioware, Pandemic, Team Ninja, Bizzare Creations e.t.c

companies like EA and Activison and THQ are all buying them !
Jump Out, the MICRSOFT ship looks like its sinking! ! !

NO_PUDding3745d ago


First Party is being decimated.

Caxtus7503745d ago

well if it does...does that mean there will be no support for Halo Wars?

Patches? DLC? etc

kazuma3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

microsoft has 7 first party studios
ACES Game Studio
Turn 10
Wingnut Interactive
Xbox Live Productions

They lost 6 of them
Carbonated Games
Digital Anvil
Hired Gun
FASA Interactive
Indie Built

if ensemble really is canned, that's quite a loss

edit: yes, but it's still one less studio, one at a time. indie built was sold, bungie became independent, and the others were dissolved/closed. they're closing down studios, incorporating the staff into other ones they already have, but they're not creating new ones or buying others. they should go down that route imo.

edit @ killjoy: nope. bioware joined with pandemic but it's as if they were separated. then EA stepped up and bought them.

Xi3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

that's sort of a misnomer.

Many of those studios, like fasa, weren't canned but only encorporated. Much of the staff from fasa studios joined the rare team, and MS still has controlling rights of those IP developed by them (including crimson skies, mech assaut, mech warrior, shadowrun). The same is possible to ensemble but that usually happens when a studio is under preforming.

either way, I do think it would be a loss. Ensemble has some pretty good name recognition.

But take this with a grain of salt. If this was going to happen there'd be a lot more rumors about it, and rumblings from much earlier. If people are already being fired I would've thought we would've heard something earlier.

Killjoy30003745d ago

Didn't they used to have Bioware? I may be wrong, I'm just wondering.

Dr Pepper3745d ago

@ Killjoy3000

No they did not.

Killjoy30003745d ago

Ok, thanks.

And I'm guessing you Know what I'm going to give you...

3745d ago
dle3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Microsoft certainly realize that closing down major brand studios like Ensemble would not resonate well with the public. They must have another strategy in place to combat the negative publicity. Perhaps they believe supporting new independent studios that had close tie with the in the past would bring much better quality titles to their platform? Some one have a clue on what Microsoft grand plan is?

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Captain Tuttle3745d ago

Too bad if true. They did quality stuff.

TOO PAWNED3745d ago

This doesn't make much sense to be honest. It usually goes this way when there are situations like this one mentioned in article. Publisher and studio wait for game to be released to see how it performs and if it flops and doesn't turn profit, than studio is closed. Example FASA studio with SHADOWRUN. Successful example is Incognito. Do you remember how many rumors and articles there were around web about Incog. shutting down? Time period when David Jaffy left Sony to start Eat Sleep Play studio and taking with him half of the staff from Incog.? But Sony waited gave studio chance to deliver with Warhawk and they did it. Warhawk is nmajor financial success and thanks to that guy(cant remember his name) that is now head of Incognito they have fully recovered and are working on new IP as it was confirmed.
It doesn't make sense to close down studio before seeing how game will perform. If it turns profit why shut it down?
My guess is that they are only changing size of this studio, meaning they are cutting on personal to reduce cost.

DJ3745d ago

And one of their few remaining ones. I don't believe it.

Panthers3745d ago

That would be too bad. They make quality RTS games. Maybe Halo Wars isnt shaping up too good...

I hope it is. It looks fantastic.

This means no support after release which is terrible for online gaming.

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