Three months later Mighty no. 9 is still a failure

"After almost six months, backers are still waiting for their MN9 PS Vita codes, fulfillment rewards, and some are waiting for just plain answers on what the hell went wrong with the platformer..." - Kenay Peterson, TGG

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PhoenixUp782d ago

It hasn't been almost six month since this game came out.!t's barely even been 4 months.

Exaggerating headline much

Littil_Devil782d ago

June 21st, so I don´t know if the author started to count from this event?

Simon_the_sorcerer781d ago

That´s why I thought as well. As I didn´t recall MN9 being released as far back as six months.

Littil_Devil782d ago

I sorted it out, I´m sorry about that.

Littil_Devil781d ago

I thought they counted from the last Kickstarter days at first, but the correct time span would be about four months. Nevertheless, it´s true that the game is still one big giant flop.

Simon_the_sorcerer781d ago

Then just imagine what that one guy (or girl) who spent 10K USD to have a dinner with Keiji Inafune must have felt...

Simon_the_sorcerer781d ago

Didn´t MN9 cost + 4 million USD to make?

Simon_the_sorcerer781d ago

Jesus fu**ing Christ...I´m sure glad that I didn´t back that mess of a game.

PurpHerbison780d ago

That really isn't that much.

gtxgamer2781d ago

It just seems as of recently Kickstarter games have been somewhat lacking. Besides Star Citizen of course.

CrimzonRazor781d ago

Star citizen is easly the next nms

Enigma_2099781d ago

Aren't they already selling DLC for that game... and it isn't even out yet? WTF?

chobit_A5HL3Y781d ago

i hope shenmue doesn't take the same road this one did...

CrimzonRazor781d ago

Oh its doomed it will never live up to the hype

Red_Renegade781d ago

it won't live down to the people that want it to fail.

TheColbertinator781d ago

Worried for Bloodstained. Excited for the Vita version the most

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The story is too old to be commented.