Ars technica - Pure: ATV racer comes out of left field, steals Ars' heart

Ben Kuchera writes: "It's great to be surprised by a game, and these days it doesn't seem like it happens very often. I had written off Pure a while ago, before I stumbled on the thread for the game in our forums. Let me give you some idea of how much people seem to have liked the demo..."

* "I just played the demo again, and I'm amazed at how much I'm looking forward to this title. I also realized one other aspect of what really 'clicks'... it's reminiscent of my time with ExciteTruck in the way the jumps and airtime feel. A total sleeper out of deep left field!"

* "Downloaded and went through the demo today. It really does look amazing and the controls are solid. Definitely grabbing this when it comes out. I like the look and feel much more than MotorStorm."

* "I just popped in the 360 disc version I picked up over the weekend from Gamestop... very cool demo (quick tutorial, then one race). The trick trick/race ratio is very SSX. Definitely left me wanting more!"

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xg-ei8ht3720d ago

I just popped in the 360 disc, doh. 360 doesn't have motorstorm.

You prefer pure, because you have no motorstorm, i'm confused.:)

Both are very good games, but are very different.

OGharryjoysticks3720d ago

The crashes and AI of Motorstorm are in another league, but if you can't have Motorstorm I guess you can race one type of vehicle without any rage or crazy s#!t happening around you and say it's better.

DARKTRINITYxxx3720d ago

I own a PS3 and ill be picking up pure on release and motorstorm pacific rift on release also. Not sure why but every topic for pure so far on ng4 you get people saying oo only motorstorm will be good. Why people are comparing the 2 i dont no.