Why is There No Forza Horizon 3 PC Demo?

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Forza Horizon 3 is the first full-entry in the Forza series to make it to PC. The Xbox One version got a demo, so why are PC players left out?

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Dlacy13g508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

Because MS still does want to push Xbox One regardless of the game coming to all platforms. Xbox One will always get more perks than PC ...especially given they pay for XBLG and PC doesn't...... Also #Dealwithit. lol

FITgamer508d ago

More likely because the majority of the games they've released on PC have had technical issues. Demos would prevent people from being early buyers or buyers at all.

anony-mouse508d ago

Yes! I've been enjoying playing the game, but only when it decides to work properly, which is rare. I've spent about 2 hours working on getting it to play well, and about 30 minutes playing it. Would not have purchased if I'd had the chance to demo it first. Which is a shame, because when it works, it's a blast. I'm just hoping they do right by the player base and release bug fixes soon.

Skillz1215508d ago (Edited 508d ago )


ShadowKnight508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

@Dlacy13g🐎💩 You never even played on a PC 😅

Psychotica508d ago

There is, it's at your friends house...

billquill508d ago

Sounds like what Don Mattrick would've said

bumsick508d ago

They likely havent released it because the game is an absolute mess on pc. People with 1080's cant get a solid 60fps in 1080p not to mention all the other problems with vip and dlc not working, then there are the stuttering issues......

DarkZane508d ago

Not to mention a lot of people have constant crashes making the game unplayable.

SniperControl508d ago (Edited 507d ago )

I commented in a article about getting micro stutter on my 980ti and the delusional boys on here slammed me down blaming my bad PC setup.

Personally, i think they got upset because i got a refund from ms.


i7 [email protected]

Dont know why you guys cant accept that some PC gamers are having issues with the game, even Turn 10 have acknowledged the problem and are investigating it.


I have been PC gaming, building PC's and overclocking stuff for over 20 years and have a very good finally tuned rig at my disposal, so i know what i'am doing, so no, i'am not one of the "younger" gamers on here.
Also, how did you think i arrived at the conclusion [email protected] was the most stable framerate??? i spent about an hour configuring settings.
I can tell you, the game is terribly optimised, just look at DF analysis, the game is all over the yard, just look at the actual Forza forums of people struggling to get stable framerates on monster rigs, all the links are above.
I have never had this much of a problem running games at [email protected] on my PC before with ultra settings, yet here i am running a game at [email protected] on medium settings just to get a stable frame rate, well worth the £650 i paid for my CPU and GPU, i may have well just gone and bought a bloody xbox if i wanted to play at those settings.

It's quite obvious that FH3 is a X1 game first and that very little time was spent optimising the PC version.

No, i think i got slammed because people are upset i said a bad thing about a MS game, they are blindly defending a game even though it has glaring issues, which may i add have been acknowledged by Turn 10.

uth11508d ago

Because the PCMR types are trying to spread the idea idea that PCs are easy enough for anyone to use and problem free.

So when people post about actual problems they are having, they get attacked for "doing it wrong", or "too stupid to use a PC" even though PCs are "so easy ANYONE can game on them".

TacticAce508d ago

I got a 980ti and playing at a smooth 30 fps at 4k... So Im going to slap you down too...

Unspoken507d ago


You didn't get slammed for commenting about a bug that affects some gamers more than others, you were chastised because of this:

"the only stable way to play was at [email protected] at medium settings, complete waste of my rigs resources.

As per usual, another poorly optimised console port."

There's many people who are playing the game just fine and I noticed that it's because they took the time to configure it instead of crying immediately like the trend has been lately with gamers, especially console gamers. I believe that its just because this gen are "younger" and have been coddled for far longer than necessary, expecting everything to be handed to them and if not, tantrum time. And instead of trying to figure it out their first inclination is to post in comment sections any point fingers. But that's a discussion for another topic.

If money and time are being spent on such a computer, why not take the time to learn how to use it because it may lead to less frustration. If a console experience is desired stick to consoles. They are plug and play and are made for the gamer that doesn't want to take the time, or have the time, to learn how to troubleshoot and ask questions, maybe do a Google search, contact the devs... Concerning optimization, the game is very optimized considering there is little variation between hardware setups and the assets are similar across the board which means everyone will have very close to the same exact experience.

CurbStompin508d ago

It's your CPU bottlenecking then... Im playing the game in 4K 60 fps, no dips in FPS on ultra without issue on my 1080 Founders Edition.

kevnb508d ago

Windows store universal apps are garbage.

ocelot07508d ago

I have heard of some of these issues. Am currently playing at 1440p between 55-60FPS on ultra settings (msaa off). This game needs to be optimized more.

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MCTJim508d ago

because there isn't one..thats simple

Maxor508d ago

Nobody makes demo anymore.

FlameWater508d ago

this game has a demo for xbox

TheColbertinator508d ago

I bet he says there is no water when standing in front of the ocean.

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