Full Body Motion Sensor PrioVR Development Kit Shipment Announced

Landing a spinning kick on a zombie has never been so achievable.

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ArchangelMike807d ago

Very interesting, althouh I don't see this catching on unless it has a proper AAA game that utilises it properly. But then again, I can't imagine playing Fallout 4 and having to run for miles and miles. I play games to be able to sit down and relax. But I guess it depends on how much you want immersion in games.

Dlacy13g807d ago

So, maybe I am being a bit cynical but I feel like VR is quickly morphing into Motion Games 2.0. Seems like a lot of the new conversations around getting a VR set focus on setting up an area to play them...clearing out the space.... which is pretty much what we heard back with Wii, Kinect and PS Move games.

807d ago
quent807d ago

I'm guessing a VR treadmill comes next ?

ServerBOT807d ago

I like how in the picture the guy is leaning right but the game is leaning left.