1UP: The Last Guy Review

1UP writes: "As someone who's right in the middle of reading World War Z, I'm no stranger to the inevitability of worldwide zombie takeover. So I thought I was prepared for the PlayStation Network's bizarre puzzle game The Last Guy. If you're looking for something completely unique -- conceptually, aesthetically, and otherwise -- few games fit the bill better than this one. As for the times, I wish someone would've just eat my brain and be done with it.

The look and structural basis for The Last Guy come from its novel approach to level design -- it uses a top-down view of actual satellite maps of 15 real-world locations, from San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf to the area around Sydney's famous Opera House. Streets, alleys, and pavilions are meticulously carved out as navigable locations for your tiny caped, scepter-wielding character (the titular Last Guy), while all locations that could house a group of survivors are more than likely jam-packed with them."

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