1UP: GTR Evolution Review

1UP writes: "Deep in the World Wide Interweb exists a riveting head-to-head video showdown pertinent to any critique of SimBin's latest racing-simulation opus, GTR Evolution. In the center of the screen: in-car footage of noted real-world driver HJ Stuck as he picks his way through the 13-mile (!), 80-plus-turn hell of Germany's infamous and oh-so-deadly Nürburgring Nordschleife. Surrounding the Stuck video: a saved replay of noted sim racer Markus Möller doing precisely the same thing while navigating Evolution's virtual depiction of the very same circuit. To say the two versions look almost indistinguishable is compliment enough to the SimBin development team. But that only tells part of the story.

To drive the monstrous Nordschleife -- to reallydrive it, until you no longer feel like a stranger -- is to experience the current pinnacle of race simology. The Evolution physics model, a carefully calculated blend of realism and challenge that never feels artificially difficult, really gets to show its stuff on this, arguably the most frightening and certainly the most sinewy and lengthy of all racing venues. That the GTR series now features not only Nordschleife but 19 other tracks from across the globe, a stunning 49 unique vehicles divided into 12 separate classes, and compelling new perks such as dynamic weather (a sunny day can quickly devolve into a blinding rainstorm) is awesome news for any driver. But that doesn't tell the whole story, either."

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