BioShock PS3 has 5Gb, 10-minute mandatory install

The PS3 version of BioShock has a 5Gb mandatory install that takes a little over 10 minutes to complete.

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TheHater3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

well I have a 179GB left out of my 250GB HDD. Plus this game is worth it unlike DMC4 and GTA IV. Played this on my xbox 360, and love it, and will be getting it for the ps3.

mohib-uddin79865323750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Its well worth it if you want better graphics and faster loads ! ! !

Well at least Sony is showing us real use for the massive space ps3 has

Unlike Microsoft who cant becuase they sell 360's that dont even have hard drives

Jamie Foxx3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

without the benefit of a disc and it had amazing graphics,alot of people blast the 360 but atleast they never had this trouble

i cant be the only ps3 owner unhappy at the size of these installs an having to wait 10mins before you even get to the start screen on a game that has already been out on dvd9


20&40g owners i feel for you,time to upgrade that harddrive

HighDefinition3750d ago

Smoke a spliff while you wait.

Harry1903750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

it sound as if DMC4 and GTA4 are extremely mediocre games in the same category as Haze or Too Human. Far from it, they may have been disappointing for some, but they were still very solid games with no major flaw.I had a great time playing both. And yes, if there is a drive, why not use it if it makes things better? When you install the 2gb chunk for Soul Calibur 4, it makes the game significantly better by reducing the load time enormously.

cliffbo3750d ago

there is an easy solution to the 10 minute install... buy it 10 minutes earlier

radio0o3750d ago

i love when they use the HDD. i have never really noticed load times, pop in, etc on my ps3. im so happy all PS3s have HDD by default.

i much rather have a install time in the beginning where i can go get a sandwhich and come back instead of interrupting in the middle of the game with load times or weird pop ins and tearing

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Idonthatejustcreate3750d ago

Good story
Good Graphics
Trophie support

Huge install
Old tech - Has been out for the xbox360 about a year.
No longevity because of lack of multiplayer or personal customization.

I dunno if it's worth it for me with all the amazing games coming out, but imo the more games the marrier so even though I won't buy it im positive some others will.

chaosatom3750d ago

because then there is going to be rumor that this isn't true.

and then another one, and then another one.

NegativeCreep4273750d ago

If you plan on buying LittleBigPlanet like myself, continue to think about ideas and themes and visualize what kind of levels you're going to create once you get you hands on that game.

Or even better for yourself, do some Perfect Pushups while you wait.

Genesis53750d ago

I really don't care. I'm buying it, playing it. Then when I am done with it, deleting it.

Irving3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Doesn't sound as big as it would've if I was still on 60GB hdd, just upgraded to brand new Seagate 320GB yesterday. Now bring it on :D

bpac1234567893750d ago

regardless of what anybody says ps3 fan or not this is getting out of hand. theres no reason that we should have a 5gb install. not even metal gear solid took up that much and i know that its bigger than this game. Developers are getting to lazy they need to stop this sh**. Im still going to get the game but im tired of deleting stuff to make room. IF THIS DOESNT STOP SOON INSTALLS ARE GOING TO KEEP GETTING LARGER AND LARGER. (and no "upgrade your harddrive" is not the answer. if people spend $400 on a system they shouldn't have to upgrade there harddrive because of game installs.

Spydiggity3750d ago

you have to be one crazy fanboy to praise mandatory installs. who cares if you have infinite, it's still an inconvenience. and to the people bringing up 360 just as a side note to add your two cents about how much you think it sucks cuz it...umm...doesn't have install times. GROW UP! fine if you are excited about this game, fine if you don't mind the installs, but don't bring the 360 into this. and don't act like these installs are a GREAT thing either. they are just something you have to get used to on ps3 so there's no use complaining about it, but if you did complain, that would at least be justified. but not this undeserved praise.

i played through this game on my 360 twice and i don't remember very many load times at all, and there was no 10 minute install. oh, and the developer said the games are about the same size and they didn't need a blu ray. so for the guys saying it's bigger cuz it's better the news releases again. all they did was improve some of the textures. that doesn't really take up extra space. they are just replacing one texture with another.

I don't get the unjustified praise for something that, at best, is tolerable. Bioshock is a great game, and i know ps3 exclusive owners are gonna like it and will finally get a really good game on their system. but come on. don't make this into a which system is better topic.

anh_duong3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

mandatory installs are bad if they don't improve performance but if they improve performance then why the hell shouldn't you praise them? when i buy a ferrari i use all the gears. likewise when i want faster data retrieval i want a hard drive. dvd drives are freaking slow, noisy and unreliable and can't keep up with yesterdays computers let alone today's nextgen games consoles.

i am praising installs, microsoft agrees with me because during e3 in july they think installs in the fall update will:

speed up loading times
reduce noise
prolongue the life of my console

(these are actual microsoft statements)

microsoft believes in installs and i will install all my hard drive optimised games because i can and it does exactly what microsft believes it will do

can your arcade or 20gig xbox premium install two full xbox games to take advantage of the benefits of install??

btw: these are exactly the same reason i spend 30 minutes installing all my ps2 games onto a hard disk using hdloader

DaTruth3750d ago

I have a problem with installs that are 80% the size of the original game on 360. Might as well buy it off PSN. I didn't buy Siren because i didn't want to use so much space and I prefer the physical copy, but i might as well. If it wasn't for the extra downloadable stuff that then becomes part of your gamedata it wouldn't be such a problem, but if i delete it I have to re-download all the new stuff after just to play the game again.

red5ive3750d ago

i actually don't mind the installs. what's a few minutes eh?? if it'll improve the game's experience then by all means. this a good example of why we should all upgrade our ps3's hdd guys! it's so easy and it doesn't void our warranty. i live in toronto, and i got a seagate 320gb momentus 5400.5 for $95 at my local computer store! it took me like 6 minutes to replace my hdd. i bought a $20 enclosure from best buy to put my extra 60gb hdd to use it as an external hard drive for my crappy pc. now i have some extra room for all my por....................... word documents.

IaMs123750d ago

For all those who think the PS3 version will have better graphics id re-read, they stated quite earlier that they are simply trying to PAR with the 360 version... which is great! looked and was awesome! Of course though certain spots will look better on PS3 and then again on the 360 its always like that...
Load faster probably but you really dont need it, doesnt take long to load in the first place, i do not understand why they need this...

marionz3750d ago

thats like well over half the total size of the game!

i know blue ray is slower to load things but this is rediculous!

no im not bashing either because im gettin a ps3 soon, but i do find this kinda shocking, bioshock is an awesome though, sill one of my all time faves

xhairs93749d ago

Incorrect my friend, your whole post is ludicrous. To begin we'll start with Dev's cutting corners because of HDD. Wrong. Dev's don't cut corners because they're allowed HDD space, in fact that's beneficial to us as gamers that they do this. Where could you even possibly say they are cutting corners? lol - I actually did smile.

Second, 10 minutes, who cares. By now this is so typical I honestly don't see the problem. Games WILL have installs, get used to it, I have. All I have to say is, at least our installs are beneficial unlike another console which I wont name.

Anyways, stop your cryin, go back to playin CoD4 (or should I say PoS4.)

nan03749d ago

Finally getting a good game? I laugh in your face. MGS4 is one of the best games of all time, it spits in bioshock's mouth. Just MGS4 alone, I don't even need to bring up any other games.

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Mike Bowden3750d ago

Sucks to be a 40Gb PS3 owner with lots games.

bluecapone3750d ago

just upgrade your HDD its real cheap

krik3750d ago

Just upgrade with one of these Seagate Momentus 250Gb

It's just $64.80, basically the price of a PS3 game. I did that to my awesome Gun Metal PS3 and love it ;)

PS: After you upgrade your HDD with a 250Gb (or more) drive you actually start looking forward for games with installers :-)

IdleLeeSiuLung3750d ago

This s*cks!

This is turning into a "standard" now. S*cks to be a 20GB or 40GB PS3 owner right now. Suddenly that bargain $400 you paid for it turned into a $500 purchase because you have to purchase a new hard drive and install it.

Unfortunately, for me I own the 40GB MGS4 LE PS3.... I don't want to open it and install a new hard drive in it or pay extra $$$ for it. Hard drive installs should be optional, unless there is a cr*p load of space on it by standard! I don't care that I can upgrade it or not.... Sony sold me a device and if that is a requirement it should be included. I don't want to turn my PS3 in to a constant upgradeable PC.

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Ju3750d ago

@Idle. Stop your rant, already. What are you afraid of ? You still got 40G, no? Or are you telling me your drive is full already. You must have bought a ton of games, then, since the MGS LE bundle was sold since June, I guess. Me OTHO, I'm running out of space now on my 60G (10G Linux). But I have mine since about 2 years now, and I have a ton of PSN games on it, too. Obviously, this will happen sooner or later. I don't mind buying me a new HD. But I want to go with a huge one. I'll wait a bit more to get a 320G below $100, if possible. So ? Its an investment for the next 5 years or so, I'd guess.

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HighDefinition3750d ago

99% of the time people disagree w/ you cause your WRONG. Everyone`s not crazy, swallow your EGO and look at it sensibly, instead of trying to act like it everyone else`s fault.


nizza3750d ago

It's replaced my Pc at home. I dug it out after not using it for 4 months so I could play spore. I do everything else, including posting on N4G from my PS3

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HighDefinition3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

The Artical you linked to

“We believe that the PS3 will be the place where our users play games, watch films, browse the Web, and use other (home) computer functions,” said Harrison. “The PlayStation 3 is a computer. We do not need the PC.“

What you said
"even sony wants the ps3 to be a constantly upgraded pc."

So how exactly to you see that as Sony wanting you to upgrade like a PC from that?

Cause that`s what you originally said......

Bullsh!t your way out of that one.

Cause what I see is, them saying is the PS3 has many of the capabilities of PCs, which it does.

Common Sense3750d ago

Your logic is flawed.

Uncharted doesn't install on the harddrive and it has 0 load times and it looks better than ALL 360 games even Gears 2.

BWS19823750d ago

I disagreed with you because I have a laptop and a PS3, and I don't feel that a simple harddrive upgrade is so bad, it's optional and cheap and easy. If I needed to max out the PS3 and upgrade it's RAM, RSX chip, add a cell processor, AND the HD, THEN I'd say you have a point. How is a hard drive upgrade for a console system any different than WiFi not being built in and having to purchase a $100 wifi adaptor, or having to subscribe to online gaming? I'm no fanboy (I think the 360 is a good console), but your tunnel vision is making you look like's called accessorizing, get used to it, it's gaming and it's technology.

There, I'm not part of any "fanboy patrol", I disagreed, and explained in a civil, concise, effective manner why I did. Get over it, people aren't fanboys for not seeing eye to eye.

shelbygt333749d ago

40GB owner here...

And I'm with the crowd that doesn't want to install a new HDD. The 20GB (only 13 usable) Xbox360 I have sitting right next to it has about 5 GB's of space left open. But in Xbox games, that's going to be enough to last me for a long time (until they start requiring mandatory installs).

Here I was thinking that the 40GB PS3 would last me even LONGER than the 20gb X360. But, I was wrong. I have 10GB left on my PS3 - most of those are game installs, but one movie as well. So, I really only have two game installs left to go before it gets tricky.

Alvadr3749d ago

Delete install files of games you havent played in a while. 5gigs isnt too bad. 40GB, or say 35gigs after all your DLC = 7 games. You cant be playing 7 games all at once.

shelbygt333749d ago

I'm not the only one who plays on it, and my game play type is that I play a game for 30 minutes, put it down, next hour play the next game... In one Sunday I could easily play 5 games, ya know?
So deleting installs, only to have to wait to reinstall it in a week or two, would be annoying.

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LiquifiedArt3750d ago


Thats like me writing a damn blog and saying,

"The Little Big Planet manual has a WHOPPING 60 pages to read. Better get your glasses, you'll be reading more then playing for this game."

Mike Bowden3750d ago

I don't see people complaining about Trophy stories. Same thing, really.

Ben10543750d ago

see them complaining about a news article about some guys baby either