The Saboteur 2 was in the Works, Reveals Developer

Ex-Pandemic Studios creative director claims he began work on a sequel to the cult favourite in 2009.

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SlappingOysters631d ago

The death of Pandemic was very sad. I quite enjoyed most of their main games. Especially Destroy All Humans

Kreisen631d ago

Yeah, they made some good games that sadly never really sold all that well.

badz149631d ago

It's a damn shame they are no more. Love the Saboteur very much. One of the few games I really enjoy to Platinum.

DeadlyFire631d ago

They have plans for Destroy All Humans I believe. THQ Nordic holds it now. They have not announced anything yet though.

Phill-Spencer631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

That's sad. I really enjoyed the first one with its black and white style and when you took over a part of the City it became colorful. The Soundtrack/ radio was fitting. Hope someday some other dev makes a New one.
Seeing the icon of this article got me excited thinking part 2 has been announced. :-(

quent631d ago

EA: the reaper of game studios

KentBlake631d ago

So sad...Saboteur is, IMO, the most underrated title from the PS3/360 generation.

631d ago
Majister-Ludi631d ago

Oh damn it don't tease me I would have loved that. Really enjoyed the climbing in that game. Felt like it had much more options pertaining to routes in climbing which was nice. Maybe one day it will be revived somehow.

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