Gamereactor reviews Infinite Undiscovery

Another Japanese role-playing game lands on the Xbox 360, but Jon Cato smells uinspirert bestillingsverk from Microsoft in the long way. Square Enix is not successful all the way with the latest game to Tri-Ace.

I'm happy to admit that I have a weakness for Japanese role-playing game. Long stories about young children with swords and magic wand that is fighting monsters 100,000 to save the world from one or other miljøkatastrofe.

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HighDefinition3416d ago

So today we`ve had a 9 and a 4.


HighDefinition3416d ago

They changed the review it said 4/10.

Now it says 5/10?

chaosatom3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

all of a sudden.

Do RPGs like Too Human and infinite Undiscovery hate on 360 for being a FPS console?

sak5003416d ago

Reported the story, submitter and approvers for letting it through. Where is the story description?

Fishy Fingers3416d ago

Good luck there. Ones a mod o.O

sak5003416d ago

Thanks for adding the description hours after it got approved

shutupandplay3416d ago

Worthy games > flops > no games
The ps3 specializes in having no games. Though it does have its flops, and 3-4 worthy titles.

Fishy Fingers3416d ago

You cant even read it. Whats the point, a review is more than a mark out of 10.

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The story is too old to be commented.