Amazon Removing Negative Reviews for Spore

GameViper Writes: "For the last couple of days we've seen thousands of users back lashing against EA on Amazon for their restrictive DRM which limits the game to only 3 installs. Today, Amazon deleted the most viewed negative review against Spore.

"It had 3000 out of 3300 helpful votes, was the overall most helpful review on the Spore product page, and was quoted on several news articles reporting this anti-DRM protest.And just a few minutes ago, for some weird reason, Amazon decided to remove my review." says Ericha Remarque."

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Sony Rep3667d ago

PC gaming is killing itself.

3667d ago
Imallvol73667d ago

How can you be mad at what he just said? It is 100% correct. It is killing itself.

Pebz3667d ago

I think it would be more correct to say PC gaming is being killed.

By things like DRM, which might temporarily slow down pirating, but always causes a lot of hassle for everyone else as well. Stuff like games for vista doesn't help much either.

Jodou3667d ago

Hmm, either he's lying or they put the review back because it's still there.

hgdaniel3667d ago

It looks like they put it back after all of the complaints:

KingDizzi3667d ago

Well Amazon is a business who want to sell this game in huge numbers, what do people expect?

TheIneffableBob3667d ago

Well, I wouldn't exactly call these legitimate reviews. They're basically bashing the DRM on the product and not reviewing the actual product.

ruiner44823667d ago

Well DRM is a part of the product, so it deserves to be scrutinized.

jay23667d ago

Good Amazon, for a game that gets it wrong on so many levels it diserves everything it gets, I love it at first, now I'm on the space stay and lost compleate intrest in it.

I Make Stuff Up3667d ago

The DRM still kills this game.

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