iPod Touch is 'best portable device for games' says Jobs

At its seasonal product unveiling today Apple showed off expected new models for its agenda-setting music hardware the iPod - but it was games, not audio, which CEO Steve Jobs pushed to the forefront.

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Allowen3719d ago

The acelerometer is a cool feathure of the iPod Touch and can make some nice games using it but to use buttons and a D-pad in the touch screem will probably suck.

It will have new games yes ,but can't fight on the same level category were Sony and Nintendo control for years.Actualy Nintendo makes portable vgs since like 1982 that I reember.

Any ways I hope Apple jumps with "body and soul"on the VG world because we ,the costumers, will only win with that.

Sam Fisher3719d ago

on what emulator.. i hacked my itouch and the snes dpad is good... like its transparent and the view of the game is the whole screen. but 4 the nes it kind of sucks. so it really depends on what dpad. and i haven't tried psx and i don't want to.

Bladestar3719d ago

hey it's apple so it must be true... that means that the ipod beats everything out there including the PSP and the DS.... lol...

Xi3719d ago

Sony thinks PS3 is best console for games.

Oh, nintendo thinks the wii is, wait microsoft feels the same about the xbox.

Honestly, what do you expect him to say? The iphone sucks for games?

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The story is too old to be commented.