Gamervision Review: Yggdra Union

GV writes: "Over the course of this year, I have developed a more friendly relationship with tactical RPGs. It was previously a genre that I didn't take the time to get to know, as I usually like my role-playing games either traditionally turn-based, or of the action variety. However, with the growing number of tactical RPGs showing up in the western hemisphere on various platforms, they're getting harder and harder to ignore. Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone is actually a remake of a 2006 Game Boy Advance tactics game developed by Sting and localized for North America by Atlus, one of my favorite publishers. Even though I originally feared the hard-to-pronounce title, promise of card-based combat, and notably difficult gameplay, I found Yggdra Union to be a fun and challenging experience, even with occasional frustrations.

The plot centers around Yggdra, a young princess from Fantasinia who has lost her parents and fled her kingdom with only her trusty sword. Along the way, she meets several other characters that join her party, among them thieves, knights, witches, and Undines (the game's version of mermaids). Yggdra's quest is to reclaim her kingdom, defeat the evil Empire that pursues her every step of the way, and eventually bring peace to all the land. It's not the deepest storyline, but the characters are highly likeable, with most of them bringing unique assets to the party."

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