Why the PlayStation VR Launch Strategy is Better Than the PlayStation 4's

PlayStation VR's impressive launch lineup shows Sony is keen to not repeat the same mistakes made with the PS4's rocky launch.

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joeorc806d ago

[mistakes made with the PS4's rocky launch.]

Revisions in history..great for alternant reality newspapers..

LordMaim806d ago

PS4's rocky launch? What are you talking about? O_o

Lilrizky806d ago

In regards to having first party support

LordMaim805d ago

Again, what are you talking about?

Lilrizky805d ago

@Lordmaim unless you were living under a rock for the first two years but sony lacked a lot of new first party titles for the ps4. That's what I'm talking about. How driveclub was promised and ended up being delayed a year only to be broken.

The constant delays of holiday games like the order, uncharted and most recently horizon and gran turismo.

There was a clear mismanagement of Sony IP for the console which has been improving over the last year

Unchartedshark806d ago

did i miss something when the PS4 launched? i thought it went like hotcakes.

Lilrizky806d ago

Mostly due to killzone and knack not being very good and the driveclub scenario

Meaning the only new game worthwhile getting excited about was infamous

uth11806d ago

Say what you want about the PS4 launch lineup, but it had one of the most successful console launches even