The Top 5 Video Game Cosplay Models

"Sure, booth babes are great, but they really can't compete with our favorite video game hotties brought to life. The otaku crowd is fortunate enough to not only have some of the loveliest ladies in our ranks (eat it, trekkies!), but also the most talented in the art of fabrics! You're more than welcome to chime in with your own, but for now, here are my top 5 picks:..."

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Shadow Man3720d ago

Arisa Mizuhara should be # 1. I love Asian women n_n.

marichuu3719d ago

Thumbs up for her photoshoppers, her pics are shopped into oblivion.

DarkBlood3720d ago

Shadow Man same here as well lol

to plus they are the only ones who can come near close looking like the video game characters when some in the games look like american if you get what i mean

Tacki3720d ago

Haha, I don't even follow the whole cosplay scene and I was able to guess that Omi Gibson would be #1. Just because I've seen here in other lists and such like this. Though they really didn't get a great picture. She does some characters far better than that. Also wasn't surprised no guys made the list. Never do. lol

I think in general cosplayers are kind of looked at as 'geeks' and such though. People with 'no lives'... and while that may be true for some, I believe that's a pretty nasty stereotype. I've been to a few Anime conventions and the like and I must say you'd be hard pressed to find nicer people. Sure, it may be a bit strange at first but I think it's great when people have something to be passionate about. As long as they haven't lost touch with reality. I'm not sure why I decided to bring this up. I don't cosplay myself... but I guess in a way I support those who cosplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.