Will there be a Country Rock Band Hero?

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"Country Music is the number one radio format in the United States and its the best-selling album genre on the planet. Country music fans are nearly twice as likely to purchase a concert ticket as any other type of music fan, and then on the way home from the show they are probably going to stop at a karaoke bar and belt out their favorite tunes over a few more cold ones. Yep, its the most-sung genre of music in karaoke bars too.

So then, if Country Music is so damned popular, why the hell has the genre been all but ignored by EA and Activision for their Rock Band and Guitar Hero franchises?

Don't worry, I am fully prepared for your Country Music hate after the jump...."

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xjoshbx3724d ago


Not in a million years would i buy "Country Band" or Guitar Hero "Country". Nothing against the music, just doesn't seem right.

chasuk083724d ago

Its probably because your below age 25, and anyone who does enjoy country music probably doesnt play video games.

XXXRATED3724d ago

I was wondering when they were going to release singstar country track for the ps3 but with the disk swap and singstar country for ps2 not really worried anymore.