A New Zoids Project Teaser Site Hints At A Possible New Game

Some of you may remember Zoids, Tomy’s science fiction media franchise featuring giant robots based on animals. Takara Tomy just opened a teaser site for “the start of a new Zoids project.”

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Relientk77808d ago

Omg! Please a new Zoids game. I used to watch this show all the time

Majin-vegeta807d ago (Edited 807d ago )

Hell yea! Could you imagine a new zoids game in the same yesr as Horizon :0??Too much robotic beasts for my taste.But I welcome it.

ArchangelMike807d ago

Very interesting. I'm getting a very 'Titanfall' vibe from that poster....

MeteorPanda807d ago

how insane would that be? l'd go shadow fox.

MeteorPanda807d ago

my liger zero zoid model thats been with me for 7 years and attended all my game jams...are waiting for dis!