Intel Delays CPUs With iGFX Until 2010

Steve Seguin reports: "A recently leaked Intel slide, assuming it can be believed, has revealed Intel's updated roadmap for mainstream Nehalem platforms and it would seem Intel has some changes in mind. Apparently due to "customer feedback" and "2008 client platform learnings", Auburndale and Havendale will now be pushed back for release into January 2010. According to earlier leaked Intel roadmaps, Havendale was previously planned for Q3 of 2009 alongside Lynnfield, but now it would seem that only Lynnfield will be available in time for Christmas 2009.

When given the chance to comment on the news, Intel stated it had not announced release dates yet, but assured us that Auburndale, Havendale, Clarksfield and Lynnfield are targeted for production in 2H 2009."

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