2009 - The year of the PS3? article Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has the following:

"All the things are now coming together in terms of the right hardware, cost and pricing, and we are increasing our hard disc space as we are increasing the content we're offering through the network and the big titles we're working on, coming out this Christmas," he said. "All that is coming together this year."

Much has been predicted about Sony's future with the PS3, especially in the early days of this console cycle. Those of you who know me understood my skeptisism about the PS3's chances. It was clear that the 360 was going to be too important to ignore and the exclusive titles on the PS3 seemed sparse. Blue Ray was attractive but didn't seem to have long term feet as the age of digital distribution descended upon us.

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Jamie Foxx3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

ill be happy from october 2008, my wallet wont be though

Rick Astley3696d ago

Every year will be year of the PS3 starting in 2008. Things will only get better for Sony from here on out.

chaosatom3696d ago

no question about it.

It starts with the BANG with the release of Killzone 2.

solidsnakus3696d ago

yessir, another obvious delay of KZ2 is shure to start up quite a bang.

HighDefinition3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Delay it......I don`t care, when it`s done i`ll play it.

Delay`s are a GREAT thing, Too Human should have been delayed, it would have been a better game because of it.

But, honestly it`s in closed beta right now, it`s coming out in Feb., if not, I`m sure LBP/R2/Socom will keep me occupied until Killzone2 comes out.

Give it up, this isn`t last year. We got more AMAZING games then we know what to do with.

Anton Chigurh3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

"Ps3 will OWN 2009,
no question about it.

It starts with the BANG with the release of Killzone 2. "

give me a break

how do know KZ2 gonna be AAA title ???

by looking to Guerilla past history , its very hard to determine that


I can't say Silicon Knights and Guerilla are the same . Silicon Knights had some of the best games I have ever seen such as Legacy of Kain and Eternal Darkness

lol @ disagrees

Anyway, good luck Guerilla

mikeslemonade3696d ago

2008 and beyond is the PS3. Until the next xbox or the next nintendo come out it's going to be the years of the PS3.

nbsmatambo3696d ago

yes to both software and hardware

HighDefinition3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

"by looking to Guerilla past history , its very hard to determine that"

Instead off looking at that look at some MP videos of Killzone2.

Some game makers get better (GG), Some get worse. (like Silicon Knights for example)

PimpHandStrong3696d ago

in terms of sales 2007 was also the year of the PS3

NegativeCreep4273696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

"how do know KZ2 gonna be AAA title ???

by looking to Guerilla past history , its very hard to determine that"

Well then Anton, answer this question for me. If you are such a big advocate for the concept that past performance is an almost exact indicator for future performance, than that means Microsoft's next console is also going to be a complete piece of Sh!t that will have a 68% hardware failure rate and will last as long as a new Fox sitcom.

Microsoft's next console will be another technological failure just like the 360 according to you're logic. Do you still support that concept now?

Why o why3696d ago

fcuking OWNED that puppy

NegativeCreep4273696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

*Takes a Bow*

Hey, I do what I can :)

solidsnakus3696d ago

well the past dosent predict everything, look at the ps3. it went from 1st to last. the greatest console was the ps2 to now being the console with online features rivaling nintendo and the least games. sony really Fkd up badly with the ps3, just look at home and how long it took them to get in game xmb, trophy support. hell it dosent even have trophy support! 4 games?!?!? how the hell can you say ps3 has trophy support when only 4 games have it. on 360 every single game has em, since launch.

Diamondwolf3695d ago

So let me get this straight. You support your argument about looking at GG's past to determine if their next game is going to be good, implying that the past makes an unchanged future, by giving an example of a company who's past means nothing since their future changed?

Wow, your a intellectual marvel!

thePatriot3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

similar article to come our on yearly basis
more like decade of ps3

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Martini3696d ago

It was supposed to be PS 3 year in '07, '08 and now '09 LOL

Rick Astley3696d ago

Who has the better exclusives this year? Sony.
Who sold the most consoles this year between Sony and Microsoft? Sony.
Who won the format war? Sony, thanks to PS3.

Year of the PS3.

Omega43696d ago

Its so true its seems each year so far which was dubbed "the year of the PS3" has only been filled with delays, flops and dissapointment

It quite sad really, this trend will likely continue till 2011/12 when the PS4 is released

Apocalypse Shadow3696d ago

ps3 outsold the 360 even with 360's big guns in 2007.

so yeah martini.....

ps3 outsold 360 in 2007.
has better exclusives than 360 in 2008.and outsold 360.
has better exclusives than 360 in 2009.

all while being higher in price.

has more innovative things coming out like HOME,eyepet,LBP,etc.

i expect 10 years of good times if the world economy holds up.


HighDefinition3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

The PS3 has had a better year in 2007 and 2008 in sales.

So yeah 2007 was the year of the PS3, and 2008, and it looks as if 2009 will be aswell.

BTW, people like Martini/Mart don`t even show up here anymore, that says enough. POG is the only one who had the "nuts" to stay.

cliffbo3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

it's posts and people like this that make me glad i bought a PS3. PS3 owners don't need to gloat, we know what Sony are doing and will do, it's inevitable, get used to it and start saving

Grahammad3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

POG and Mart are the same person. I think Resistance100 found that out after they both commented on an off-site story of his with the same IP. Quite sad really. I'll bet he has at least a half dozen others too.

TheExecutive3696d ago

and it was so what? When the annual reports come out and Sony WIPES the floor with the 360 all the while providing more innovative and better content how can you deny this?

It was the year of the ps3 since 07 and it will be the year of the ps3 until the ps4 comes out. MS is good competition dont get me wrong, but they arent in the same league as the PS brand. They need more 1st and 2nd party studios and more diverse software.

Why o why3696d ago

wholeheartedly agree. Year on year the ps3 has been outselling the 360. Now the 360 is drying up. How can you win a console war with NO GAMES. LOL

Ive noticed there are only a handful of diehard 360 ***S left on n4g now. Thats called just deserts. All the fud they talked has been fudgepacked to perfection up their own black holes.

I feel for the adult 360 guys though. Im not sure who started this here war but when i joined the 360 guys were the agressors/bullies and now all they scream about is..........................At tach rates...............LOL, how the mighty have fallen. (Sorry decent 360 guys. I know im sounding like a right arse but ive been suppressing these feelings for a while) You guys helped slow down the degredation of n4g and comments like mine dont help but im saying this because i KNOW im sh(-)T talking right now whereas some fanboys do not.

Martini3696d ago

It's the same fanboy drivel year in year out - some things never change :) No matter how you twist the facts PS 3 did not blow ANYTHING out of the water and is still playing catch up to 360 in many areas including total unit sales (still some 5-6 million units behind) online experience and GAMES :) ... So I guess we will hear the same old poop in '09 LOL.

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mohib-uddin79865323696d ago

I want some rpg on the PS3 !!!

MorganX3696d ago

I want D&D Rules RPG (turn-based even) on any platform.

aggh im on fire3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I remember the same thing. It was 07, then no it would be 08 now 09. Its quite funny really.
Ps is great yeah but enough of this year of the ps3, the only console dominating is the Wii and with the 360 cuts it will be cat and dog again for the forseeable future.
Ps3 is doing well and the 360 will get into sride with the price cut. This year has been good for Ps3 but there far from reaching the no1 postion again and it will be a year before they reach 360.

Drekken3696d ago

08 isnt???? I can not name one exciting thing on 360 this year so far. 09 will continue with Sonys momentum.

They will reach #1 with next gen consoles. When nintendo stops using duct tape for manufacturing then they can compete.

cliffbo3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

do you live under a rock? have you not seen or played all the great games on the PS3, christ, there are better games on PSN than you get on DVD... wake up fella lol... just like Sony were right when they said 2008 would be the year of the PS3 (check the numbers of consoles sold compared to the 360). what they now mean is 'farewell MS'

Stryfeno23696d ago

Why am I reading this? I thought 2007 was the year of the PS3? Or was that just another Sony infamous delays.

HighDefinition3696d ago

Outsold the 360 in 2007, you know that right?

mikeslemonade3696d ago

Sometimes delays makes things for the best. And here are the examples why: 1.Ninja Gaiden 2 and Too Human clearly needed more time but of course Microsoft forced them to come out earlier. Fable 2 looks like it's been rushed judging from the early reports of a game only under 20 hours and Peter Moleneux saying his own game is a 9 out of 10.
2. Microsoft could have delayed a couple games like Halo 3 in 2007 because in 2008 they have nothing groundbreaking and the only game that pushes graphics is Gears 2.
3. PS3 gets atleast one quality exclusive every 3 months. MLB 08 the show and Gran Turismo in the spring, MGS4/Ratchet Clank in the summer, and then of course the big fall/december. Where as 360 nothing in the spring and only Too Human/Ninja Gaiden 2 in the summer.

Dyingduck3696d ago

LoL x_X that sounds funny.

Anyway, 2008 and 2009 are both the YEARS of the PS3 because the Xbox360 only managed to deliver nothing but flops this year such as:

Lost Flop
Flop Dragon
Tales of Flop
Too Flop AKA “2” Flop
Infinite Flop

In addition, the Xbox360 anticipated releases failed...seriously:

Banjo3 = Awful textures, bad game play, and now they've turned the game into a racer for 40 BUCKS. This will get owned by LBP 8 ways to Sunday

Gears2 = AKA Gears1.5 using the same old engine 4 years ago, 5vs5 MP
This is considered the best looking exclusives on Crapbox360…ROFL, and it uses Unreal Engine which PS3 is fully capable of…

Alan Wake = Alan Wait? Alan Fake? A Myth…

L4D = N64 graphics anyone? But seriously, who on Earth would play a valve game on a console?

To add salt to the wound, the anticipated released PS3 exclusives during FALL 2008 only:

HOME (free)
LittleBigPlanet (21 Oct)
Resistance 2 (04 Nov)
SOCOM: Confrontation (14 Oct)
Motorstorm:Pacific Rift (07 Oct)
Valkyria Chronicles (11 Nov)
BioShock with Exclusive DLC (21 Oct)

Keep in mind that these are ALL PS3 exclusives, unlike the Xbox exclusives which ALSO appear on PC as a more “superior” version (e.g. Gears1, Mass Effect and so forth)

To make matter worst, anticipated releases (PS3 exclusives) in 2009:

God of War 3
Heavy Rain
M.A.G. (200+ players MP, cry MOAR 10 players Gears2 MP?)
White Knight Chronicles
Uncharted 2
Twisted Metal
Final Fantasy Versus XIII (maybe 2010)
PS3 exclusive from the legendary Team ICO (SOTC2!!!)
+ Many others that I forgot

What does the Xbox360 anticipated releases for 2009? Halo Power Ranger Wars + a bunch of unconfirmed titles (Halo 4 is NOT confirmed)

Wait, what about your beloved FFXIII?
You can only get the true FF experience on the PS3:
PS3 = Lead platform for FFXIII, and has been since 2005.
PS3 version = On a 50 GB Blu-ray disc, uncompressed.

In addition:
1. Exclusive FFXIII demo in March 2009 on PS3
2. Exclusive FFXIII in Japan - for you Japanese speaker to port since no regional lock unlike from DVD 9 AKA Xbox360
3. Exclusive FFXIII Versus on PS3
4. Exclusive FFXIII Agito on PSP

The 360 version is a port. So I really shouldn't be calling it a "version" at all.
The 360 PORT hasn't even gone into development.
The 360 PORT will be on multiple DVD's and it will “probably” STILL look worse than the PS3 version (e.g. both RAGE + Far Cry II developers already reported a downgraded Xbox360 version)

What else?

With the Xbox360's RROD x4 + expiring extended warranty, Microwave/Heating Oven + Disc scratching lawnmower + non-BRs player + lolDVD9 + 50 USD Live PER year (~150-250USD extra) + no Wifi (add 100 bucks for Wifi-support) + no HDMI port + no standard charge-kit + no "affordable" upgradable HD (120GB for $180? No thanks) + HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE value for your money…
….there is no doubt that SONY PS3 is the SUPERIOR console:

The PS3 is a system has everything we could want, a great media server, fully updateable Blu-Ray playback, wireless access to a Playstation network that easily rivals subscription services, a plethora of once sought-after features such as in-game XMB and trophies, and of course a collection of games from in-house and third-party developers that is ever growing, and contains many AAA titles.

The PS3 has so many things on the horizon to look forward to its not difficult to see where most of your hard-earned cash will be spent, with exclusive AAA titles such as Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Motorstorm 2 and Killzone 2 all set for the next 6 months, Sony will be having a killer Christmas. Not to mention the FREE exclusive content that every Playstation owner would give their left spud to get their hands on such as HOME, Life with Playstation, and those ever enticing firmware updates.

PS3 game remote play with PSP, Live recording of activity direct to the HDD, more games in full 1080p, a [email protected] breakthrough, a firmware update that vastly improves CELL performance in ALL games past and present, and a chunk of features, games, dedicated lag-less servers and PSN downloads that we just can’t wait to be added to the Playstation experience.


Wait, did I mention MGS4?

Panthers3696d ago

You take this stuff a little too seriously

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3696d ago

2009 - The END of the xBox 360? YES!!! ;-D

Shane Kim3695d ago

That was a damn good read Dyingduck, and I couldn't agree more.
I wish we here at MicroFlop could do the same but we just can't. Not until we employ some decent people and fire the likes of me.

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