Bad Company Is More Bad Ass Than Ever Now With Trophies

GameXtract writes "Trophies are hot on the PS3, and that's a given fact. These days everyone is wanting to know if their favorite title will be receiving the trophy treatment. Bad Company known for it's explosions, and breakage objects will now have another great add on. Trophy support! Dice have just announced today that along with the new map pack they will be fixing several multiplayer issues, and adding in trophy support. I do hope their is a trophy for blowing up the most shit in one round."

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PimpHandStrong3719d ago

i have this game but really havent played much of it

i just have a issue with lack of game modes online!

perseus3719d ago

Just out of curiosity, what other game modes would you want to play? CTF?

perseus3719d ago

This is weird. For once, I have no idea why people are agreeing with me.

Idonthatejustcreate3719d ago

Bad company is too easy, im usually up at around 670 points in every game at the top of the list.

And thats on hard multiplayer mode.

AAACE53718d ago

Bad company was more or less just a filler game. Now that the better games are soon to come, I was actually thinking of getting rid of it!

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DreamcastFanboy3719d ago

Now i might pick this game up.

heyheyhey3719d ago

cool, the more the better

im tired of trying to get those stupidly hard SSHD trophies

Harry1903719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

this is great news.

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The story is too old to be commented.