Ranking The 10 Best Castlevania Games

COG writes: To celebrate Castlevania's 30th anniversary, COGconnected takes a look back at the 10 best games in Konami's fantastic series.

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pecorre691d ago

The number one was to be expected. SotN is one of my favorite psone game.

Loadedklip691d ago

I personally think Aria of Sorrow is superior but im OK with SotN as the pick for number 1. Im sure many do believe it's number 1 but many others havent even played Aria so they can't even compare.

freshslicepizza690d ago

have they ever released an updated version?

Drithe691d ago

SoTN was a true masterpiece.

Smokingunz691d ago

Nice list. I guess I'm the only one who thought the touch screen element in dawn of sorrow was cool arms creative. Simons quest was a great game. I loved it, I still play it until this day. F anything they should remake Simons quest. I loved dawn of sorrow I thought it was better than portrait of ruin. Order of ecclesia was good too, loved the soundtrack but that game was really hard. I don't think the level design was as great and those sides missions where u had to hunt down and kill certain enemies was very reppetitive.

Drithe691d ago

Vanillaware needs to make a Castlevania with Hitoshi Sakimoto as their music composer. The potential here ..... wow.

Red_Renegade691d ago

1) sotn
2) everything else

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