Making EA Skate Again: The Future of Skate

Will EA bring back the Skate franchise amidst and ever growing fan demand? And would a new Skate game work in this current climate?

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Player3Podcast807d ago

At this point, I'd be good with Skate 3 being BC.

MKUltra807d ago

I didn't even think about the whole Olympics tie-in opportunity. Seems like a good time to bring Skate back.

Lazybones2020807d ago

I loved the arcadeyness of the Tony Hawk series but there was always something special about the Skate franchise. I feel like the best way to get folks back into the series is to have it as a game with gold and backwards compatibility. Then a brand new title! Maybe both at the same time!

UgoGalimbertti807d ago

I have already turned the focus to Steep or Snow, hoping they make a skate-like gameplay. And indeed they look promising

opinionated807d ago (Edited 807d ago )

[email protected]

I hope so. I'm pretty sure that skate is dead though. They will sit on it like capcom.

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The story is too old to be commented.