[OC]ModShop: Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine Hands On

OCMS: "Cooking Mama is one of the most unlikely casual gaming hits in recent memory. The goal of the game is to basically prepare culinary delights from scratch, which runs you through a series of mini-games for each step of the cooking process. The Nintendo Wii and DS's unique control mechanisms are perfect for this type of game, as players make chopping, stirring and other motions to complete the minigames.

No popular game can exist without someone copying it, and sometimes the copies are better than the original. Destineer has teamed up with Iron Chef America to try and push Cooking Mama out of her kitchen. I'd love to see Cooking Mama go up against Morimoto any day... you still wouldn't be able to understand what either of them are saying, but it would be one furious battle."

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