ESRB details the blood, strong language and violence contents in Battlefield 1

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed its rating summary for the upcoming Battlefield 1.

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Majin-vegeta482d ago

Wonder if Hitler will be one of the story characters?

opinionated482d ago

😏 zombie Hitler maybe..

Fist4achin482d ago

He was actually a wimp during WWI. He had an some action with an infantry unit and later was sent to be an admin person for the latter part of the war. He might be in the background of a scene pushing some paper...

Immorals482d ago

Actually he was in active service for a few years and got promoted to Corporal, being injured in 1916 and 1918, the latter bring mustard attack.

Its one of the reasons why he was so resentful, factors that led to WW2

Fist4achin482d ago

Thanks Immorals. I do enjoy learning history and filling in gaps and that explains it! Maybe it would make for a cool scene to see him fighting, get injured and just have that glimmer in his eye swearing for revenge...

Bolts482d ago

No word of PS4 Pro support. The horror.

Majin-vegeta482d ago

Where the hell you been??It was announced during the reveal BF1 will have support.

Bolts482d ago

Oh thank god. I was worried that I will have to play this game in 900p on my new Pro. Are we getting 1080p 60 FPS though??

Majin-vegeta482d ago

No all games will still be the same framerate as on the OG PS4.Sony doenst want to give. PS4Pro players an advantage over the OG PS4 players.Sucks but its then only way to keep every one happy