Which video game console are people planning to buy next?

The Mirror conducted a poll to find out which console gamers are intending to buy next, which produced some interesting results.

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King_Lothric446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

I am planning on getting PS4 Pro, PSVR and NX if, there is a serious Metroid game at launch.

Scorpio shouldn't even be on that list since it doesn't have "an upcoming release". That console is more than a year away.

Interesting that the Xbox one S is not even on the list as it is the current offering from Microsoft.

SniperControl446d ago (Edited 445d ago )

PS4Pro for me, have no intersest in the scorpio what so ever, as my PC is currently better spec'd, the PS4P and PC will have me covered untill the PS5 drops in the next 3 years or so.

Edit: also have the PSVR on pre-order to go along side my DK2,wouldn't mind seeing what the NX has to offer though.

Interestingly, the little twitter poll done by the mirror(i know, i know) shows 25% of gamers are looking to buy the
PS4P and only 13% for the Scorpio, saying that the NX killed them both with 54%.


LMAO! Shifting those goal posts again i see..... Even in that tiny poll, it shows that interest in PS4P is good.

Kingthrash360446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

I pre ordered the pro....don't know enough about the scorpio and nx atm.
Xbo s should be on the list tho. (Not buying it since I own a xbo already)

bouzebbal446d ago

If everything is good about NX i will be getting that.. otherwise i'm satisfied with my standard PS4 and 3DS.

Cindy-rella446d ago

im buying ps4 pro day one as well as psvr day one

S2Killinit446d ago

Paid off my PSVR recently, have the Pro preordered. Should be a nice holiday season.

mikeslemonade445d ago

Buying Pro first and NX later. Both gonna be launch day purchases.

donthate445d ago

Holy cow.

Already 13% is committed to buying Scorpio wihtout even knowing what it is and at what price tag. Same with NX, yet PS4 Pro is known with price with imminent release only commands 25% of gamer?

I hope that poll is wrong, because it isn't looking good for PS4 Pro if so.

rainslacker445d ago


Yeah, not looking good for MS either. Nintendo is set to dominate the market, because at 54% with no price or details known....less details than Scorpio in's going to kill both MS and Sony combined. Between Sony's 25%, and Nintendo 54%, and we'll say Sony has 6% of that "other" category given current trends, that leaves MS with a whopping 15% of the market. Good times ahead for MS!!!!!

Will state my oft repeated reasoning that fan boys too often can not even see how their own arguments don't even support their assertions.

Gwynbleidd445d ago

Scorpio for me, since I have no interest in Sony consoles. I want to go all 4K and HDR next year with my home entertainment, so the Scorpio release will be the date I update my living room :)

Nevertheless I am also interested to see if the NX will innovate the gaming landscape again, like the Wii did. A surprise there could sway me to get a NX too.

candystop445d ago

Scorpio for me all the way! I love Xbox and thank MS for taking risks with Scorpio by not just playing it safe. I want an upgrade not some marginal bump that has a major component missing and streams which is going to have issues I'm sure. MS wanted to release an always online console and was slammed for it yet here comes Sony doing the same thing rather quickly and it's fans don't even see it. MS is going to blow the roof off next year's E3 .

Sevir445d ago

PS4. Pro for me! Looking forward to playing Horizon ZD at 4K and HDR

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UltraNova446d ago (Edited 446d ago )


I m planning to ask you how much do you make??? Just kidding dude hehe, good for you if you can afford all these goodies!

OT: They should really run this poll right after the NX's unveiling...

mikeslemonade445d ago

That's like the same price as your phone and Jordans. Gaming is too cheap to be honest.

LordMaim446d ago

Man, they better not screw up Metroid again. There hasn't been a solid Metroid game since the Prime trilogy.

Unless you count Axiom Verge, I guess. ;)

343_Guilty_Spark446d ago

As if most gamers only operate in there here and now. Some gamers actually are prepping for the future.

Red_Renegade446d ago

maybe a pro for the holidays.

Deadpooled445d ago

For me likely the next generation PlayStation (the PlayStation 5 or whatever it would be called). I have little need atm for the PS4 Pro because I have no 4k HDR TV (waiting for my plasma TV to go bust before I invest in an 4k HDR upgrade) and would be unable to see any significant (key word here - significant) game-play/graphical preformance changes compared to my C Chassis OG PS4. Also am waiting for my 6 year old i3 laptop to go bust before I invest in a mid range gaming laptop to play Forza Horizon 3 and other PC games (seen game-play videos of Forza Horizon 3 and reminds me of how great NFS Most Wanted was minus the cops, unfortunately my laptop can't play FH3 direct from windows store as it is underspecced)

mikeslemonade445d ago

You don't need 4K tv. The optimal experience is 1080p with the sliders pushed all the up until you can't do 30 frames. Or 1080p at a super smooth 60 frames.

donthate445d ago

Yeah, it does seem like PS4 Pro isn't worth the upgrade from standards PS4. That sentiment seems to be shared a lot. That is a little unexpected, because I would think the Xbox One S would fall more into this category, but it seems to be more accepted. Color me surprised.

dmbatty445d ago

I think you'll find the Xbox one S comes under the category of 'current console' as does the PS4.

Derpy445d ago

I don't really care about PSVR and don't really want to buy a system that offers very little over the PS4 I already have. Think I will just enjoy my current PS4 and wait for the Xbox Scorpio and maybe an NX.

rainslacker445d ago

PSVR is in my future for sure. NX I'm keeping an eye on, but will wait for more info before deciding. Even then, I may wait it out some, because my backlog continues to grow, and my handheld backlog is even bigger, and I'm coming to the conclusion that one or two compelling games at launch leads me to have many months before I find something else compelling to play....which for NX would likely be holiday of next year.

PS4P I'll likely just snag one for free from work whenever we get some and they end up giving them away to the staff. X1S couldn't care less about. Scorpio I might get if MS manages to announce/release some more exclusives I find I want.

Otherwise, I've been on the prowl for a Sharp Twin Famicom system...and will likely get that before Thanksgiving if all goes well.:)

LonDonE445d ago

None, I used to be a pc and console gamer but gave up pc 10yrs ago after my eldest daughter was born!

I just didn't have as much time, but recently I have had it with the bs in console gaming.

I had a neo on pre order and a psvr and also a Scorpio, but the other day thought screw it and bought a beast gaming rig and man I tell u it's so liberating playing at max settings at 60fps!

Now I have cancelled my pre orders and instead will invest that cash into my rig.
I love that I can play over 20yrs worth of awesome games at max settings and framerates even exceeding 300fps lol like for example was playing the dead space games last night and was getting 400fps lol all max settings!

Been loving playing Bf3 at a solid 60fps max settings, and games are stupidly cheap.

Don't get me wrong I will still console game, I own all current gen consoles, but I refuse to buy this nonsense of mid generation upgrades!!!
And so will just play exclusives on ps4/x1/wiiu and the rest on pc.

trooper_445d ago

Getting a PS4 Slim. I already have my uncle's regular PS4 downstairs but I wouldn't mind one for myself.

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Mikelarry446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

Same, i think i am ok till ps5 as my current set up of ps4, Pc, 3ds has got me covered on all my needs

Sold my xone since most games i care about would be releasing on PC thanks xbox play anywhere

donthate445d ago

Sounds like 2020 indeed, maybe even 2021, because of lack of advancement in node shrinks.

ArchangelMike446d ago

I'm buying PS4Pro and PSVR THIS year.

S2Killinit446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

me too. Paid off my PSVR this morning, and my Pro is preordered. I really can't wait for VR.

Lsbb446d ago

I'm trying to get my PSVR from argos but they are not taking pre orders. Looks like first come first served. I'd like to get a pro but that won't be until next year.

S2Killinit445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

Im guessing argos is a game retailer. We dont have those where i am. I maybe wrong but Gamestop might still take preorders (if you have them in your area). If not, i think you can still get one before holidays if you act quick when it drops Oct 13.

Also, I know for a fact that Gamestop employees have orders to sell preordered PSVRs if the person doesn't pick it up after a mere two days. So even if they are all sold out, you still have a chance to get your hands on one if you act quick.

Angeljuice445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

Argos is a general "catalogue store", it sells all sorts from furniture to electronics.
I don't think we have " GameStop " in the UK (not where I live anyway), we have "Game", but they have a bad rep.

Argos don't have any system in place for pre-ordering anything AFAIK.

S2Killinit445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

I see.

I believe Amazon UK is taking preorders right now for PSVR. But do it quickly if you want it before Christmas because:

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Hoffmann446d ago

Playstation 5.

Am fine with the PC & PS4 combo till 2018/19.