EGX: Riding Mechanised Dinosaurs in Horizon: Zero Dawn | Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer: The hope is that Guerrilla don’t rely too heavily on Ubisoft-like work-around’s for such an open-world, RPG-focused game of this calibre, because Horizon: Zero Dawn looks to be a very fascinating game to both explore and tactically experiment with. Here’s hoping Guerrilla Games break out from that “Killzone developers” mantra that’s been hanging over them like an ominously dark cloud for years, because for someone who frankly couldn’t care for any of the Killzone releases, I care a lot more about how Horizon: Zero Dawn will shape up.

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miyamoto808d ago (Edited 808d ago )

I care so much for Aloy: the next greatest video game character in the video game industry.

thatguyhayat808d ago

Yeah a female bigger than Lara Croft

phoenixwing808d ago

I bet aloy is part machine it only makes sense with the plot