Amazon discounts 1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership to its original price point

Amazon has discounted the 1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership by $10 off, dropping it to $49.99 (the same original price point as it was before the price increase on September 22nd).

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SojournUK444d ago

It's a good discount but to be honest a $10 increase in an anual subscription is barely the end of the world.

Summons75443d ago

No it's really not but we are in the age of entitlement where anyone over the age of 7 that has unrestricted access to social can cry and whine about everything.

DarXyde443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

"Age of entitlement"?

You do realize that we didn't need Plus to play online before, right? Well, now we do.

It started as a discount service with free games every month that were pretty good in quality. Now, we get pretty much exclusively Indies (which, mind you, can be pretty good--the offering lately hasn't been great on ANY platform).

Now imagine this: as yet, we have no real justification for the price hike. Don't let one good month fool you--there's no indication of consistency just yet. Don't forget that the network went down for days this month.

My point is Plus has completely changed and not really for the better. Neither of us are right and we need to wait it out and see where it goes. But I will say that this isn't entitlement. Sony, who introduced the service one way is completely rewriting its purpose and offering it at the same price as Live. Granted, Live is a better service and can justify a higher price point. Right now, Sony cannot. They have a larger install base and already have larger revenue potential.

I love PlayStation, but they need to make this really matter and you need to not be so quick to defend this behavior.

Aenea443d ago


Hi there American!

I'm from the Netherlands, you know, tiny country in Europe? Anyhow, we've had a price hike a year before you guys had. Did you hear us about it? Nope, it's because we are used to having prices change with currency exchange rates, the economy and inflation.

Sony isn't an American company, their yearly results are done in Yen, not Dollars, the price hasn't been increased in North America since the introduction of the subscription 6 years ago. It more than makes sense they increased the price because of either the exchange rates or higher costs of operation and salaries than anything else.

Don't expect a change in quality of the IGC games, it's wishful thinking and won't happen. Especially not when the rest of the world is still paying the same price as a year ago.

Once the prices are upped all around the world, then it would make a lot more sense to have expectations like that, right now it's silly. But even then it can still mean costs have risen and that they need to raise prices accordingly.

Price increases of almost everything, including services, are normal, why would PS+ be an exception?

mikeslemonade443d ago

Finally people starting to learn. Yes people are entitled which is one of the main reasons why things are held back.

Anyway I frequently get these cards for $40. I let people who don't know any better to spend full price on things.

xDealtwithIt442d ago

I remember how people whined and cried about how Xbox fanboys were sheep for paying to play online on 360.

Guess those tears quickly stopped when Sony also asked their fans to "shut up, stop being entitled and bend over!".

I'm so glad to read that consumers expressing their distaste for greedy corporate practices is now being viewed as entitlement by the commercially enslaved.

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C-H-E-F443d ago

where was this 10$ discount before the price hike? lOl but it's all good for anyone and everyone just wait until black friday and get them at target for 29.99. That's what I did a few years back and haven't had to buy another PS+ membership since.

attilayavuzer443d ago

I guess I'll have to cut out Ramen.

Majin-vegeta443d ago

A pot of beans and you would be surprised with how muxh food you can mix it with.

KickSpinFilter443d ago

Ya that two more cents a day is really gonna kill a lot of people...

Pro_TactX443d ago


"No real justification for the price hike"?

It's been six years since PS Plus started. Do you know what happened in those six years? Inflation. Your money was worth less every year, but the price of PS Plus remained the same.

This is a pretty basic business principal. A company keeps the price of a service the same for several years, and then increases the price of that service later to balance out inflation, and to recoup the money that was lost by not increasing the price every year.

$5.19 of the $10.00 increase balances inflation. The remaining $4.81 helps recoup the money Sony lost by keeping the PS Plus price the same for six years. In a few years inflation will catch up to the $10.00 price increase.

The price increase is justified.

Artemidorus443d ago

No but it's the start of greed

KickSpinFilter443d ago

That's two more cents a day Arghhhh!!!

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FallenAngel1984444d ago

It's sad that the original price point is now considered a discount

Taero443d ago

Yeah I hate when things get more expensive over time, like how burgers aren't 25c any more.

Soulrakk443d ago

Yes because it costs more today for them to run a network than it did a month ago and clearly a food that contains many ingredients such as a hamburger, is a great analogy. Livestock is the same as a gaming network for sure. /s

They clearly told you it was for no other reason then to match Xbox Live's fee.

Aenea443d ago


And the price of a burger went from 25cents to the current price in one bump? Or was it going up slowly over the years?

You would have been okay with PS+ costing $51.99 in 2011, $53.49 in 2012, $54.99 in 2013, $56.49 in 2014, $57.99 in 2015 and then settling on $59.99 in 2016?

That would've been better huh? You do realise you would've paid more the past few years already? $25 more total to be exact.

And then, a hamburger has many ingredients? How many components does a server have? The server farm itself? The energy it costs to provide power? Don't be silly thinking a hamburger has more parts than all this!

Bruh443d ago

Now I know you're insanely stupid, digital subscriptions aren't prone to inflation moron. Its a service meaning the owner/ creator is in charge of the price stability and fluctuations. In comparison to food products which cycle in the economy and coincide directly with rising living costs and higher cost of production. Last time I checked, a digital subscription that isn't adding anything to your service, doesn't exactly ring a rising cost now does it?

Goldby443d ago


Digital Subscriptions aren't prone to to inflation.

If the entire service is all digital then yes i canentertain that thought. but PS plus isn't all digital.
There are server farms, employees, buildings, power bills, property costs, all that has inflation happening every single year. we are lucky we are only getting a 10$ price bump 6+ years after it's started.

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Thomaticus443d ago

It's funny how they try to purport this as a discount. It clearly is not. I don't see any justification for Sony having to increase the price by 10 dollars (for something that should be free). I'll wait until black Friday and see if any deals come up.

Bolts443d ago

It's sad that you used to not need Plus to game online. What a ripoff really.

Goldby443d ago

its sad that you get games every single month for free, that MS had to copy off of sony to keep buisness

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InTheZoneAC443d ago

and like before the price increase, people will complain about the price hike and wait for the $60 price to return before they extend their service...the logic!

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