Respawn: Exclusivity Decision Was out of Our Hands, We'd Have Loved to Be on PS from the Beginning

Respawn reveals that Titanfall's exclusivity was out of their hands, but they would have loved to be on PlayStation from the beginning.

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ccgr450d ago

Hope it comes to the PC and PS4 eventually

KaiPow450d ago

It already came out on PC...

uptownsoul450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

So who (ReSpawn, EA, or Microsoft) said Titanfall 1 was "only possible with the power of the cloud"?

Because this article seems to suggest that the actual makers (devs) of Titanfall 1 think the game was very possible without the power of the cloud

ImGumbyDammit450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

"makers of Titanfall 1 think the game was very possible without the power of the cloud"

I don't know whether T1 would have been the same game. But, after playing the beta I can say it is definitely missing all the AI characters that were cloud generated in the original Titanfall. Without them running around, the game was not as fun. Perhaps that will be fixed somehow but, if the beta was any indication how the multiplayer will truly be in this new version it will not be on my list of must haves.

uptownsoul450d ago


Thank you for your opinion. But ReSpawn, in this current article, made no mention of the cloud being any reason why Titanfall 1 (as the game currently is) would not be playable on the PS4.

TheCommentator450d ago

Right, Gumby. Titanfall 1 would have been different if it was multiplatform, but since it wasn't multiplatform Respawn utilized MS' networks to run certain cloud features and make the game better. I wonder why Sony doesn't seem to offer the cloud to developers who want to use it?

dcbronco450d ago

This is why you never listen to the reasons developers give for exclusivity. Any reason other than money is probably a lie. The original reason was the game wouldn't get made without Microsoft financial backing. EA didn't want the full risk of a cod replacement but were willing if Microsoft paid a huge part of development cost. As always, follow the money.

Nitrowolf2450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

You guys talking about the cloud are taking this quote wrong.

They're saying that they would have liked to be multi-platform however because the decision was out of their hand they built the game around what they had available to them.

I mean that doesn't necessarily mean you're still wrong but until we hear some official statement about them saying that Titanfall 1 would have been possible on ps4 with all its features still intact this is just a stretch.

Aenea450d ago

@all of you with your cloud

Did the PC version use the cloud too? Then any platform could've used the same cloud. EA could have paid for it for the PS4 version. Azure is another division of MS, they would've gladly get paid for more usage, they don't care if it would be used for PS4 games.

And no, the X1 doesn't have anything special inside to make the cloud work (see PC version)....

donthate449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

The issue was and is a business decision. For instance, TF2 is obviously multiplatform and exist on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. However, TF2 as served isn't even close to the same as TF1. Lot of design decisions has changed to accommodate for the fact that MS no longer subsidizes cloud power for Respawn.

TF2 completely lacks the AI we had, and the latency/ping is significantly higher (despite still using Azure, because you may be sitting on somebody else's server as TF2 uses multiple cloud providers) and as such the game is now slower paced. It's clear the game has been compromised by the need to reduce server load sadly.

Respawn already made it clear during the first TF1 that the game as it was, wouldn't have existed if it were not for MS and Azure, because nobody would make subsidize their server needs. Heck, Sony didn't even bother to respond to Respawn when they reached out to Sony. Instead Sony wanted Respawn to make a paltry PS Vita game! o_0

I'm looking to Crackdown 3 for over the top cloud processing instead now and really bummed out on how TF2 was designed to reduce cloud processing resources. :(

XanderZane449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

Hhhmm.. no that wasn't it. The original reason was that when they took this to Sony they did not want to provide the dedicated could servers for the game. When EA asked Microsoft, they said they could handle it and that's why it became exclusive. It could have definitely been done on the PS4. This time around it looks like EA or Respawn will be providing the servers. Haven't hear any mention of dedicate servers coming from Microsoft for Titanfall 2.

I wonder if Capcom is wishing they went full multiplatform with SFV.

Yes, the PC version also used Microsoft's dedicated servers. There are over 300K of them, so I think they have some to spare. EA didn't want to pay for it and neither did Sony. That's why it went to Microsoft.

uptownsoul449d ago

"Haven't hear any mention of dedicate servers coming from Microsoft for Titanfall 2." -- Well consider yourself informed:

"I wonder if Capcom is wishing they went full multiplatform with SFV." -- I'm wondering if Insomniac & Crytek aren't thinking the same with Sunset Overdrive & Ryse

itsmebryan449d ago


I agree with you. The cloud generated AI player are missing and take away from the feel of a fuller alive world. But, people that haven't really played the first one wouldn't know. TF1 was shallow but, fun. TF2 is really missing something. I was wondering what would happen to the game without cloud computing AI. Now we know we are getting a dumb down version because Sony doesn't have it. It so far is not as good as the first and I may pass on this also. Thanks Sony :-(

itsmebryan449d ago

And you see how the game has suffered moving from Azure. If have spent anytime with the first TF you can tell that it is a much better then the gimped version that has to be compatible with PS4. It doesn't play the same.

uptownsoul449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

@itsmebryan "And you see how the game has suffered moving from Azure." -- Wrong...Again. As I have to repeatedly teach the uninformed, the changes in Titanfall 2 are not because Respawn moved from Azure because Respawn has NOT moved from Azure (as pointed out here: )

Maybe, just maybe Respawn went in a direction you don't like. Is that even remotely possible???

indyman77449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

Good ole EA! THey always find a way to piss off a lot of people. ROFL @uptownsoul you mean there are STILL people that believe in the cloud for processing power? It's good for saving my game in case I have a fire, or someone stills my xbox or ps4 or wiiu, or PC but PROCESSING POWER? ROFL2

To all the people trying to downplay the cloud being used as a must have or to people pointing at the CURRENT article which has NOTHING to do with UPTOWNSOULS comment uptownsouls was CLEARY talking about previous claims in PREVIOUS articles about the cloud:

QUOTE from article back in March 2014:
Xbox Live's lead program manager. "We were convinced that enabling dedicated servers using cloud computing presented a great opportunity to realize our vision for Xbox One."

QUOTE from article in early 2014:
Respawn Entertainment has shed light on how critical cloud servers are to the recently-launched Titanfall, and explained why it chose to power significant elements of the game using Microsoft's Azure cloud infrastructure.

uptownsoul449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

"ROFL @uptownsoul you mean there are STILL people that believe in the cloud for processing power?" -- I never said the cloud could or couldn't be used for processing power. I'm saying Respawn, in this article, did NOT mention that as a reason why Titanfall 1 wasn't playable on PS4. So I merely asked who were the ones who said Titanfall 1 was only possible with the power of the cloud.

donthate448d ago

I'm super disappointed that TF2 went backwards with reduced cloud. You would think the sequel is going to be better, but instead they had to reduce reliance on cloud power.

More platforms, less game. :(

rainslacker448d ago (Edited 448d ago )


Well, back in the day, I believe it was the devs. Got into a big debate with one of the Xbox fans(want to say donthate, but not entirely sure) about how they couldn't do it without the cloud, and how MS saved the game, and all that jazz, and his arguments were primarily based on a book by Geoff Kieghley.(again, don't quote me on it being that particular user though, don't want to start anything if it wasn't.)

Was all BS back then, like I said. But I do believe the exclusivity decision may have been out of their hands, although I think they would have been given a choice to release a lesser game, or go exclusive, but I felt that EA wouldn't abandon the IP at such a late stage in development since they would have had to put up significant funds, and there was nothing making it seem like they couldn't make a return.

The devs themselves though did a good job of towing the MS line, talking up Cloud, and how awesome MS was and all that.

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LexHazard79450d ago

Lol...where have you been?

iTechHeads450d ago

It's too late. Game is dead. No one cares.

Shiken449d ago

So all the people fooling themselves about the cloud, have you stopped to think that if the AI is not there it is because the crappy AI was one of the most complained about features of the game?

As others said, if the PC could do it so could the PS4. There is nothing that the X1 can do that the PS4 cannot do slightly better. Trying to say otherwise is just making you all look like fools.

Just enjoy the game on whichever platform you like and stop embarrassing yourself.

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lelo2play450d ago

Yep, Sony and Nintendo never pay for 3rd party exclusives... Oh wait... /s

Seriously, the blindness and hypocrisy of fanboys amazes me.

KwietStorm450d ago

Never said they don't. But the topic is Titanfall.

Mr_Writer85450d ago (Edited 450d ago )


Very true, but it's very rare (if at all) that a developer comes out and says it wishes things were different.

That indicates either.

They are telling the truth and didn't want the deal.

Or lying and are trying to sweet talk the console that is winning and are about to release a new game to the audience on that console.

Rimeskeem450d ago

It really does. Especially when a fanboy adds a completely off topic comment because they can.

Germany7449d ago

You are a fanboy too, who is the hypocrite now?

Eonjay449d ago

Your comment is so ironic. Microsoft appreciates your compliance.

Condemnedman449d ago

yep 51 voted disagree to prove it

donthate449d ago (Edited 449d ago )


Or that MS bribe the developer enough, and they are now bitter. XD

Sony seems to have happy third party devs that made exclusives.

CaptainObvious878449d ago

There's a big difference.

Sony and Nin fund development of games and in return they get exclusive deals.

MS (not all cases, but a lot) send a money hat to Publishers for games ALREADY in development and were originally planned to release on multiple platforms. So effectively, they pay money to block games going to other platforms.

trooper_449d ago

When did he say that other companies didn't do it?

Don't call people names unless you look at yourself in the mirror.

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Ju449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

7.5m users on one platform. Guess that would have easily been another 10m if they would have released on the PS4 as well. MS's money or not, they lost a fortune with that deal. Even if MS compensated with double the margin per unit....

Strikepackage Bravo449d ago

The exclusivity was offered to Sony first, just think how much Sony lost by not taking that deal...

Ju449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

I'm not sure why this is Sony's responsibility. It's not like EA as the publisher doesn't have any cash reserves to finance development. They where just cheap and didn't take the risk. Also, with doing the MS partnership there is a significant margin which goes to Microsoft. In retrospective, while successful, this is a huge loss for EA, mostly, and for Respawn, where they get paid by total numbers sold. Sure, Sony lost out on platform fees, but 40M sold will probably tie them over. /s That gap has been filled elsewhere, I suppose.

vega275449d ago

Did sf5 sell that many being console exclusive??? Did sony compensate capcom double for being exclusive?

Ju448d ago

I guess not. But if you bench against the bigger market, your compensation would need to be bigger to cover the loss of sales. Of course exclusivity costs. But if you bet against a smaller market (say you'd only sell 50% more) you only need fill that gap. But if you actually bet against 150% you lose more then twice even if the compensation would be 100% - which it never is. That's my whole point. EA lost by far more with that deal than they won. And more so Repawn if they got paid a fixed amount per copy. I'm not sure, if Microsoft won. It didn't really move consoles.

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Aloy-Boyfriend450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

Only possible with the power of the cloud... Nothing but a damn lie

Festano450d ago

That was a really hilarious marketing campaign in hindsight. Now no one from Microsoft talks about the cloud at all...I wonder how Crackdown 3 is doing.

tinynuggins450d ago

Last we saw it's looking amazing. I'm sure we'll hear more about it this year.

Goldby450d ago


please keep hype in check, as the e3 showing of it was a super controlled state for the videos. probably had no other devices on that networked, wired connection and super fast speeds

LexHazard79450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

Im hoping its coming along nice. Yhe demo they showed off with the "cloud" was great. You know the total destruction you guys seem to think is possible on any platform.

@goldby, you should keep your comments in check because that cloud Crackdown demo didnt happen at E3.

Edit: @ ShadowKnight, so in other words gamers bought Xbox One because of the "cloud"?

ShadowKnight450d ago (Edited 449d ago )

I think the cloud server is overated. I also think Microsoft just says that to help them sell more consoles imo. I don't blame them they have to do everything they can to sell more consoles.

PFFT450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

Crackdown 3 is gonna be amazing! No if's or buts about that. And Speaking of marketing, i wonder how the PS4's HDR capabilities is doing?

Aenea450d ago

It will be a release game for the Scorpio, will be Scorpio console exclusive 'cos it's running the physics locally. Ooh and it will be on PC too of course, like all Xbox games....

Goldby449d ago


E3, Games Com, what ever venue it was shown at doesn't change that it was a super controlled presentation of it.

Let see them show it off in the same glory but first ask the audience to connect to the network and start downloading and streaming stuff.

what iom saying is that it wa a controlled presentation. closed network just fro the show. no one else was allowed on that, and ms probably paid for a higher speed onnection. that wont be the average consumers situation where people are on facebook, streaming mvioes and in some cases playing online game son other consoles.

it may look pretty now, but end user experience is going to be different. heck people had a difficult time streaming games while movies are being streamed

Silly gameAr449d ago

It's all about 4k, UHD, and the most powerful console on the market now. All of that other stuff that was supposed to knock everyone's socks off, let's just sweep all of those goodies under the rug.

Ju449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

@PFFT Why doesn't anyone talk about XB1S HDR and blurry upscaler? I'm actually curious how this actually will turn out when DF will have their test equipment adjusted and the "real" 4k console releases in November and the MS marketing will finally be seen as what it is. Clever but non substantial.

Oh, ya, and re: cloud. What makes you think Azure is exclusive to Xbox? if that wasn't just another marketing bubble like all the ones before.

miyamoto449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

Everything Microsoft said about the Xbox One is a lie
Not one claim from them is still standing
Everything they said fell apart

donthate449d ago (Edited 449d ago )


Azure doesn't need to be exclusive to MS (and I'm sure MS don't mind some Sony money), but instead Xbox has this:

That is a fact, not an opinion! :)

Ju446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

@donthate...40M vs 20M users. More stable...ya. Sure. /s TCP/IP is TCP/IP there is no magic in MS's socket implementation vs. one in NetBSD, if anything, NetBSD is one of the most reliable OS implementing sockets. Guess what a lot of routers and switches run on.

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meche334450d ago

Thats an overstatement. But now the ai are stupid. They had cloud powered ai in Titanfall 1. That was even something that could've been on ps4 with good enough servers

LexHazard79450d ago

Except Sony doesnt have the servers to make a cloud based game.

Aenea450d ago


Azure is a separate division of MS, it's not related to Xbox, they can rent out servers to anyone who pays for it, if a publisher wants to use them for any platform the server division of MS is willing to work with them.

Besides, there are more cloud server service providers out there, these Azures aren't special in any way, think about Google, Amazon and Akamai for instance...

Aloy-Boyfriend449d ago

Titanfall 2 is being cloud powered too. The AI being different has more to do with design choices rather than what cloud is bein utilized...

In Bounty Hunt for example, the reapers and the enemie Titans moved pretty good and were very aggressive

rainslacker448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

I doubt it required substantial servers to deliver the AI. MMO's have had dumb AI for decades now through dedicated servers, and they are nowhere near as robust as Azure is, and provide much more functionality to run entire persistent worlds, which is much less than what was used in TF, which basically hosted the games, and did some basic AI routines which would have been more than possible on a local system

Azure is a pretty impressive cloud tech. It's reliable and fast, with lots of connection points for the user to reduce latency. But it is far from the only service which can deliver what TF1 had. Any number of cloud solutions or even restricted dedicated servers that are owned by the publishers, could manage what was done on the Azure for TF1.

The marketing that it was only possible on Azure was a lie, outside the fact that that was the only place it was doing it, so technically, it was true.


Actually, they do. They currently are partnered with RackSpace for their cloud needs, and RS is one of the bigger cloud systems out there. In any case, Sony wasn't specifically needed to deliver TF with Cloud, any number of servers could have been used, from Amazon, to Google, to Sony's own dedicated servers, and even Azure itself if EA wanted to pay for it.

My guess as to why the game doesn't have cloud AI now is because the pub/devs would have to pay for it, since it's no longer exclusive, and they don't want to do that, hence the feature was nixxed. On the first game, MS paid for that feature.

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450d ago
DigitalRaptor449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

Of course it was a greatly exaggerated lie.

Microsoft is as Microsoft does, and their fanboys are the most laughably delusional.

That is why Crackdown 3 is having such troubles actually, you know.... releasing. And we're over halfway through a generation. At launch, they said the cloud would make the Xbox One 3-4 more powerful, and now the same fanboys are believing their BS about the Scorpio. Let me remind you that these fanboys declared the cloud and DirectX 12 as the saviours of PS4 domination, but now an entirely new box is needed to (maybe) make it possible, and even then, MS has been intentionally vague about its specs. Yet the same people have Scorpio on a pedestal in the hopes that it is going to exact some kind of revenge on Sony and PS4.... and the fanboy buzzwords have shifted to native 4K and UHD, even though it didn't matter for 3 years until a few weeks ago, and you know in the real world inhabited by sensible people, still doesn't. Somebody serve me a drink.

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JasonKCK450d ago

They said this when launching the first game. What's sad is PS gamers still don't get to experience Titanfall since Titanfall 2 is nothing like the first.

uptownsoul450d ago

Okay, then who said "only possible with the power of the cloud"?

Goldby450d ago

ms after they bought the rights to titanfall 1 as an excl;usive

Xx_Pistol_xX450d ago

Matter of fact what happened to the cloud and DX12?

Sunny_D449d ago


It doesn't matter because they have SCORPIO!111

Festano450d ago

I'd say Titanfall 2 is the evolution of the first. It's better in every way.

DeeBeers449d ago Show
Sunny_D449d ago


Please tell us the key element instead of using filler words to act like you have a point. Tell us please.

449d ago
Black0ut449d ago

It has nothing on the first Titanfall, sorry pal.

DeeBeers449d ago Show
rainslacker448d ago

Won't go that far yet since I'm not that vested in either title.

But it is quite interesting just how many Xbox fans are dismissing TF2 just because it's not multi-plat, and somehow making it out like the first was so much better because of the Cloud, despite the AI bots being one of the most criticized parts of the game by many.

It's almost like they need to cling onto a 3 year old marketing thing, and barely even discuss what is so different about it....although some do of course.