Blend Games: Gears of War vs Resistance 2: Round 2

Blend Games is your source for news, previews, reviews and all-out brawls between huge exclusives slated for your favorite consoles. And as any hardcore gamer knows, Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2 are aimed to be two of the biggest first-party exclusives of the year. But don't just take my word for it, both Sony and Microsoft have their respective games launching within days of each other to just to see who eats up more of the fall software market. But let's get back to the present. Currently, Resistance 2 leads Gears of War 2 by one entire round. It wasn't quite a sweep, but the stats were clearly in favor of Resistance 2 in Blend Games first round bout.

Round 2 is a much more straight-forward battle; it's a battle of features. But I don't need to spend several paragraphs explaining how this works. Just like in the first round, you (the fans), will vote for the game that prompts to have the more appealing list of [known] gameplay features. As you all know, of course, what's on paper is never going to determine how fun a game will be in realtime. However, a list of certain features will sway specific gamers toward a title if said feature(s) is something they're really looking forward to (i.e., weapon balance, map size, boss battles, etc.) So without further ado, let's get on to Round

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jctoyou3599d ago

i own both consoles,they will both be great games i will get both,jctoyou is my id add me on both 360 and ps3,happy gamin everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Wotbot3599d ago

will be getting both too.

It's such a shame crap like this has to be put on this site.

Please can we just enjoy games for what they are, a piece of entertainment.

The constant comparison, analytical bull just gets sooooo boring.

Both games look great and have huge potential.

thebudgetgamer3599d ago

if you own a ps3 you get an awesome game
if you own a 360 you get an awesome game
if you own both xmas come early
rejoice for it is a great time to be a gamer

TheColbertinator3599d ago

Both.Two great games are better than one

BoBo333599d ago

With N4G's infestation of multi-account losers, their article was broken the second it hit this site.

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Mr BlueScreen3599d ago

Gears of war = 37%

Resistance 2 = 63%

Nuff said!

reccodog3599d ago

Nuff not said: GeoW- Zipp, Zero! Resistance 2- 2 out of 2

GameOn3599d ago

37/63, Sounds about the ratio of xbox owners to ps3 owners on this site.

Just thought id throw that in there. Make of it what you want.

I myself will be getting both. Gears a few weeks after release and Resistance in a couple of years when the slim-line ps3 comes out.

C_SoL3599d ago

I would have never thought that the majority of people on this site prefer the PlayStation brand. I'm really glad I found N4G......

DaTruth3599d ago

As soon as I saw your avatar the music for it went through my head.

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Wotbot3599d ago

have to ask yourself. "What the fu*k does this mean to me?"

The answer is "Fu*k all"

Beg For Mercy3599d ago

i think both are great games but man the stat sheet for resistance is off the charts

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