Incoming Bad Company update brings maps, bug fixes and trophies

Remember BattleField: Bad Company? Of course you do. Some of you are probably still playing it. If you aren't, then you soon might be because the game is due to get a shot in the arm before too long. After running a contest through which players could decide on which map pack DICE should start working on first, a post has gone up on the official blog to let us know that there will be other content coming when the map pack drops.

There's no indication on when that'll be, or if it'll cost us anything, but the accompanying patch will be free, at least. With this patch DICE are looking to fix several bugs, such as server lag and VOIP issues. There will also be various gameplay tweaks. Not only that, but three weapons, previously only obtainable through pre-ordering, playing the demo or signing up to the newsletter, will be made available to everyone for free. Check out the full list of fixes and tweaks at the official blog.

Finally (saving the best til last) the patch will add trophy support to the game. PS3 gamers are being spoilt by all these free, content patches. Not that we're complaining. We hope to find out when this'll hit soon.

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sak5003720d ago

I dont know why ps3 owners are not playing it cuz i'm loving it and can't get enough. Only 5 achievements left out of 50 but again 2 of them are single player related and i can't move away from teh awesome Mulitplay. I can't even go back to playing cod4 even on their double up xp weekend. Forget socom try this one.

DavidMacDougall3720d ago

Your adding the wrong people my list if full of people who play it.
Some play it 24/7

Ju3720d ago

That game is actually my CoD4 substitute. CoD4 never worked online for me, but this one works great. I love the destruction, and its the first game which made me play the multiplayer more then SP. Have to finish the campaign yet, and then I'll jump back for more MP. I was wondering why they had no trophies, because their "reward" system would map so perfectly to trophies. Great news about the update!

And, well, I somewhat agree. Its underrated on the PS3. I think that had to do with a to close release to MGS4, IMO.

Close_Second3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

...of lag.

I found B:BC multi-player incredibly fun but a lack of dedicated servers in this part of the world (i.e. New Zealand, Australia) means that every game you play is laggy.

I have no problem with EA not supporting the game in this neck of the woods but that information should be stated in black and white when you go and buy the game.

Oh yes, why is it that yet another game that has such a strong multi-player mode features such a substandard lobby system. Its even worse than the one for COD4!!!

BattleAxe3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

To release a bug fix patch nearly 3 months after the release of the game is totally unacceptable.

Got tired of:

-Freezing issues
-Crappy voice chat
-They released the game with only the Attack and Defend mode and then a month and a half later they come out with a crappy game mode called Conquest which you could only play on 4 maps.
-squads of 4 are too small
-the ballistics are terrible, it takes way too many shots to kill someone.
-The game lobbys don't even out the number of people very well alot of times.
- Poor selection of weapons (ie: the XM8 is available in every class except as a Sniper Rifle and Shot Gun.

Thats why people on the PS3 aren't playing this game. I bought the game at launch and traded it in last month. I was so disappointed in DICE for releasing half a game.BattleField isn't even in CoD 4s league.

The controls in CoD4 are way more responsive and graphically CoD4 blows this game out of the water. Not to mention that the weapons perform more realistically in CoD4 and there is a better selection of weapons in CoD 4.

After my experience I say screw Battlefield, because M.A.G. will crush this game when it comes out.

Hopefully Mirrors Edge isn't as buggy as BattleField. Its a DICE game and I might not buy it because of the crap they did with this game.

Ju3720d ago

I haven't had a single freezing issue yet. Maybe I was just lucky. And I do not agree about the visuals. The visuals are amazing - with destruction. I don't rate CoD4 too high, though. Everything is static there, so, well, obviously they used the power elsewhere.

The rest I can understand, and it really takes time to get used to. I also think its a bit unbalanced. You stick you head out a bit and you're dead, while you empty a whole magazine in the other direction. Also, it seams the AI always knows where you are, even if you flank them around a rock or bushes. But if you adjust your gameplay a bit, and take fully advantage of destruction, then it plays great.

I usually die a lot when I switch from another game. Takes a couple of minutes and I'm back on track. The "level reset" system is a bit, aehem, unusual in the SP mode. Sometimes they reset you far back. And if you need a vehicle to get back were you were, that's sometimes annoying (combined that every vehicle disappears in every "respawn" because you've used it in your previous turn - you might start walking at some point).

But still, I think the visuals are top notch with the best out there so far. And not a single slow down or hick up. They just should have invested a bit more in game design and playability, I agree.

BattleAxe3720d ago

I should have stated that my comments were purely for the Multi-Player part of the game. This is where the freezing issues happen. When they started happening to me I started looking at the message boards on the EA website and also on the Playstation website and saw that It was a huge problem that DICE refused to aknowledge.

The Single player campaign was easy. I finished it within 2 days. My whole thing is that compared to GRAW2, Rainbow Six Vegas 1+2 and Call of Duty 4, Battlefield Bad Company is Half of a game. When you look at the amount of game modes and maps that all of those games came with compared to BattleField, it just doesn't compare. Then you add all of the technical issues and the fact that DICE has dragged their feet in fixing those issues, for me theres just no value or quality. I can't justify supporting a lazy developer especially when the game costs $60. Don't get me wrong, the graphics were good and the destructable environments were cool, but that doesn't make a game great on its own.

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DavidMacDougall3720d ago

Sweet cant wait for that freezing to be fixed and dont dare blame it on my internet again EA its your servers

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alakazzam3720d ago

kwl cant wait, im sure il get the platinum for this, unlike warhawk (gereral 275000 points, me 10000 lol)

chrisnick3720d ago

im playing the whole thing again........platinum trophies aren't that easy to get.

alakazzam3720d ago

the uncharted one was pretty easy

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