Sucker Punch: 'PSP is pretty exciting'

Speaking to at Leipzig Games Convention 2008 Sucker Punch Game Director Nate Fox hasn't completely ruled out the studio making a PSP game in the future.

When asked if the studio has looked at the PSP as a platform for future games Fox stated that "Right now we're working on the PS3". Not much to go on there, but Fox did reveal that he's a big PSP gamer.

"PSP is pretty exciting," he told "I spend a lot of time on the bus, so it'd be nice to contribute to gamers around the world who also play games on the bus."

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whateva3751d ago

Better yet where is Sly Cooper PS3 ?

HighDefinition3751d ago

Hopefully after Infamous, they`ll make Sly PS3.

FreestyleBarnacle3751d ago

I think I'm looking forward to this bus game more. Maybe it could be a little post modern, you play the part of a bus whilst sitting on the bus...

cliffbo3751d ago

in the latest PSM there is a rumour that Sly is making a PSP appearance, this certainly helps to make me believe that rumour is true

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Downtown boogey3751d ago

Yeeehaaaa!!! No we're talking!

3751d ago Replies(2)
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