Sucker Punch hints at Sly Cooper return

Speaking to at the Leipzig Games Convention last month, Sucker Punch game director Nate Fox has revealed it's highly likely we'll see another Sly Cooper game at some point in the future.

"... we only make one game at a time, and we all really focus on it. Right now we're making Infamous," said Fox. "However, we all really love the Sly franchise and would love to get back to Sly."

Fox noted that the current PS3 user base doesn't suit the Sly Cooper franchise. "Right now, in the lifecycle of the PlayStation 3 the people that own them are largely adults. As we get deeper into the lifecycle more kids will have access to them. It makes sense for us to do an adult game or a teen rated game earlier on," he explained.

He concluded: "I can't imagine that I won't make another Sly game in my life. It's really fun."

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HighDefinition3745d ago

It was such a beautiful PS2 game, can`t wait. SLYs art style is phenomenal.

LarVanian3745d ago

I can't even imagine how good Sly will look on PS3, especially after seeing what SP can do with a game like inFamous!

3745d ago
Palodios3745d ago

They're making infamous now, and will do Sly Cooper after? Is anyone surprised by this?

peedie163745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Ok so we have Ratchet now we are getting Sly so wear in the hell is jak

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