Gameplanet Hands On Preview: Far Cry 2

When it was released back in 2004, the original Far Cry was ground breaking in many respects.

It marked the debut of the CryEngine, a purpose-built graphical engine designed to push the limits of the available hardware by offering staggeringly deep draw distances, extensive pixel shader use and (eventually) support for Shader Model 3.0. Due to the setting of a lush tropical island, most people will remember Far Cry for the level of complexity provided to the water and vegetation effects. Although the storyline was dark and complex, it generally took a back seat to the eye candy.

Four years on, and the plan hasn't changed much. Ubisoft Montreal took over development of the sequel, but despite the lack of involvement from CryTek, Far Cry 2 will probably be remembered for pushing the graphical envelope just as much as the original did - owing greatly to its (again) purpose-built "Dunia" graphics engine, which has been four years in development. This time however it's not the dime-a-dozen "tropical island setting with underground bunkers" theme you'll be investing a significant portion of your pre-holiday time with, it's a land that offers virtually limitless scope to entertain and enthrall, and one which has barely been approached by game makers before - Africa.''

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