Gameplanet Review: Spore

GP reports:

''Once you start thinking about scales of time relevant to major geological events things tend to become a little fuzzy. If you've ever felt ill at ease waiting for a set of lights to change, you're hardly likely to want to watch the Himalayas rise, for example, and if waiting for a bus to work isn't the highlight of your week then you should be thankful you're not relying on the continent you're standing on to move you there instead.

Will Wright is a man who understands time well. Not only has he made countless millions of people lose track of it by introducing The Sims to the world, he's also spent what seems like an entire age developing a game that had an original working title of SimEverything. That game became Spore, and although you hardly need to squint to see the legacy here, what Wright and the developers at EA Maxis have achieved is something rather unique.''

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