Worthplaying: America's Army v3 Beta Coming

Since 2002, Epic's Unreal Engine 2 has served as the foundation for America's Army. To take advantage of leap-ahead capabilities afforded by Epic's newest engine, the Army has been developing its next generation version of America's Army on the Unreal Engine 3 since 2005. While the game has no release date yet, a beta is tentatively scheduled for this winter.

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TheIneffableBob3747d ago

I've been waiting for this for a long time.

I had a lot of fun with America's Army.

frey3747d ago

It was fun for awhile for me, for some reason though when I first played it, I preferred that horrible game GUNZ instead.

Scenarist3747d ago

I enjoyed it , i got to about lvl 83 before i quit , and i still log in every blue moon to play.

So yea this has been along time coming

cinematicmatt3747d ago

i personally thought that the xbox version was kinda.... well bad

but the pc version is what REALLY got me into gaming.. at least FPS

so yea. this should be sweet if it's anything more like the PC version

morganfell3747d ago

Great. The world's most hacked game becomes the most hacked game that looks good.