Street Fighter Pro to Play Shaq on Stream Next Week

Does Shaq even stand a chance here?

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NewMonday788d ago (Edited 787d ago )

Shaq so big he probably uses the fighting stick as a hand pad

very addicted to online matches, get owned most of the time but the win thrill is worth it. different the the thrill of shooter MP because in fighting games it's all you.

Igihara786d ago

Shaq will win. Just like Lupe somehow "beat" Daigo.

Kyosuke_Sanada786d ago

If Filipino Champ takes a dive for Shaq then Capcom and the FGC community in general will have truly hit desperate times.

FullmetalRoyale786d ago

Better hit him with some of that Shaq Fu, brother!

thejigisup785d ago

I'm still waiting on a proper kazaam game and sequel film