Destiny Rise Of Iron Archon's Forge Guide

Archon's Forge is the brand new Public Event in Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion. Much like Court of Oryx players are tasked with finding items to summon powerful groups of enemies with the hopes of obtaining rare and powerful rewards. This Archon's Forge Guide covers every aspect of Archon's Forge from where to find the SIVA Offering's to tricks and tips to winning each round.

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derkasan637d ago

Would you say it's worth it?

CaptainCamper637d ago

It's a good challenge for the higher light level ones but the rewards are meh so far

dead_pixels637d ago

This should he a big help - thanks!

JohnnyHurricane637d ago

Really wish I could hold more than one.

maybelovehate637d ago

Me too. It is a great idea but they sucked the fun out of it since no one ever has an offering.


The offerings need to drop more and losing them if you don't complete it is a joke