IncGamers: MMO WEEKLY 3

Hello Kitty and Buffy Online are just some of the titles Jeff looks at this week in the world of MMOGers.

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Wuushu3745d ago

You had my comment already at the leading image ^ :D

Leord3745d ago

Yess, sorry, forgot, the image is just so many flavours of WIN!

Leord3745d ago

Hm.. I'm preordering WAR, and I'm in EU o.O

player_729853745d ago

Chuck Norris kicks puppeh! Round House to da face! More MMO's.. oi ..Was the world ready for MMO's is my question/comment, Pay Per Month is just not my thing, and the Free MMO's that are out are rarely good :P But I've seen the Intro for Warhammer Online, looks awesome =)

Maticus3745d ago

Yeah lol, the picture says it all :D

Dorjan3745d ago

I never got into WAR beta!!! I was a sad panda!!

I must have to go buy it instead!! GRR!

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