New Bioshock screenshots

2K Games published a fantastic set of new screenshots from Bioshock for PS3. Check them out.

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kapedkrusader3723d ago

...can someone tell me if this looks any better than the 360 version?

SabreMan3723d ago

who cares it's a fantastic game on the 360 so that will make it a fantastic game on the ps3, just enjoy it

CViper3723d ago

looks the same imo. The ps3 version is just getting extra modes. Great game though for all of the new ps3 owners though.

kapedkrusader3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )'s a simple question. I'm not into suspense games, therefore I'll never get it. I already know it's a great game, I've heard from my friends. I just wanted to know if those lazy devs went out of their way in the least to make it look better. Not because it's for the PS3, only because they added new stuff and I wanted to know if better graphics was one of them.

Thanks for your response CViper. Bubbles.

pixelsword3721d ago

...a number of gaming sites said that the PS3 version looks better.

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iHEARTboobs3723d ago

I'm buying this day one! Or maybe day two.....but i'm definately getting this one.