Motorstorm: Pacific Rift PAL-packshot

PS3-Sense posted up the PAL-packshot of the upcoming game Motorstorm: Pacafic Rift.

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spandexxking3665d ago

i dont get why this game is going to released nearly an month earlier in the states than PAL regions. i thought this was an english made game?

Forbidden_Darkness3665d ago

*Australian Acsent*

Bloody hell mate, get your facts straight, we here Australians don't like being called english. Evolutions Studios is located in Australia and is the studio that develops Motostorm, so your english ranting is wrong.

*Ascent over*

@the cover: LOL, that look plain wrong.

Ben10543665d ago

still come out in america first (most of them)

jtucker783665d ago

Cor blimey guvnor. It ain't that bad bein' called a Brit is it?

I kept being called an Australian when I visited Hawaii and I didn't mind...
...except I kept having to turn out my pockets whenever I left a store.


Variable3665d ago

I don't like the motorstorm logo on the hood of that rallycar, but overall, it's nice!

Karum3665d ago

It's a picture on the front of the box. Why is this news again?

micro_invader3664d ago

The LBP cover was news, the MGS4 cover was news. Every anticipated games' cover is news.

Variable3664d ago

Have you seen the boxart before? No? I guess it's new(s) then..

3665d ago