Rock Band 2 : MadCatz Controllers get UK release date of 31/10/2008 / EU Version of Rock Band 2 Certificated by BBFC/ PEGI - Relea

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Rock Band 2, the next installment from game developers Harmonix is released in 6 days in North America. However news has been short on a EU/UK and Australian release for the game.

Well, aswell as moving all of the original content for Rock Band 1 to Rock Band 2 it seems as if the new game itself has been certificated with a 12+ if the EU XBOX Live Marketplace is anything to go by.

If correct, this means is a playable version of the near final game has been sent the BBFC and PEGI for age rating. This could very well mean a possible release in the near future.

And when discussing a possible date of release for the game? The official MadCatz controllers and peripherals for both Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2 have been listed for a tentative release of 31st October 2008 on recently.

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