Media Molecule inadvertently reveals LBP Tracklist

Phreaky at PS3 Attitude writes:

"Ok, so a few sites have reported that you can see the LittleBigPlanet manual here [official SCEA site]. But no one seems to have noticed that the last couple of pages in the manual give the credits for the music used in the game [...] Here's the full run-down taken from the manual: ... "

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Fishy Fingers3749d ago

Not really inadvertantly, they must of known what was in the manual, they approved it.

Still a good line-up, few I dont know and I look forward to hearing some of the original music written solely for the game.

~side note~ Cool caption pic, cheers for a new wallpaper :)

Brodiesan3749d ago

Considering I first discovered Jim Noir and The Go Team from watching LBP trailers I can't wait to see what other musical gems I can find now from that Playlist.

DolphGB3749d ago

Have always loved them, although I must admit their last album was getting a little 'repetitive'.

Just the sound of them alone makes me smile, so combined with Sackboy I'll probably end up with a permanent Joker-like grin.

DoctorXpro3749d ago

Always talking on this sh1t. Fu++ Casual games and Gamers

ps3 fans careful maybe could be a Little Big Flop

Dyingduck3749d ago

Lost Flop
Flop Dragon
Tales of Flop
Too Flop AKA “2” Flop
Infinite Flop


No way, retard

kevnb3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Im going to make a horror based level, with evil sackboy as a boss :).

thereapersson3749d ago

It's good to see Battles on that list, however! I loved the song "Tonto" in that last LBP trailer "Sackboy in love".

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