PC News: First Crysis Warhead review is in

PC Zone has issued the first review for stunning FPS follow-up (or spin-off, whatever you want to call it) Crysis Warhead, awarding it a respectable 92%. PC Zone says Warhead remedies many of the issues that players had with the first game; the sometimes dodgy AI, unspectacular aliens turning up... Very high praise follows...

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predator3748d ago

since this is under the game for windows banner...does that mean acheivements come with it?

kwicksandz3748d ago

i have plenty of gfw games and only the console ports have acheivements. crysis, company of heroes etc no acheivements

JsonHenry3748d ago

Next week looks like I will be buying two games - Stalker Clear Sky and Warhead!

Can't wait!

TheIneffableBob3748d ago

Only GFW - Live-enabled games have Live achievements.

Warhead is not GFW - Live, so therefore no achievements.

Shroomy3748d ago

If it just says Games For Windows, then you don't get achievements or anything else. You'll get achievements for the PC version of GTA IV.

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