MCV Interview: David Reeves President, SCEE

MCV writes: "After a flurry of announcements at Leipzig, PS3 and PSP are ready to hit top gear as the peak season approaches. Neil Long spoke to the man spearheading Sony's efforts in Europe…"

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Silogon3721d ago

I think they're putting too much faith in Heavy Rain, myself. Everytime they say something it is always "Heavy Rain" I'd like to know Sony has more up their sleeve than just "Killzone 2 & heavy Rain" next year. Why not announce some damn RPG's for once!!?

Deviant3721d ago

good rpgs take time thats the reason FF takes that long (at leat i hope so) and will hopefully succeed where IU failed . (notice i am not bashing ms xD. Tales seems to be pretty good)

Aclay3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )


You do know that Sony has games for 2009 that they haven't announced yet right? Yoshida himself said that there are PS3 exclusives for next year that haven't been announced.

If you want a RPG, White Knight Chronicles is supposed to be released April 2009, and there's God of War 3, Infamous, Wardevil, and other PS3 exclusives that have yet to be announced. I think that he just mentioned Killzone 2 and Heavy Rain because Killzone 2 is coming out early 2009 and Heavy Rain is coming out late 2009... he can't spill the beans on games that haven't been announced yet or games that haven't been dated yet.

Harry1903721d ago

400 000 people will probably be in Kohln,that is very very impressive.

Lumbo3720d ago

Either Köln, or Koeln :S or Cologne .. but please not "Kohln" *shudders

Either way, i will certainly be at Cologne for the next GC, its roughly an hour by train and the trade fair is next to a train station thats only one stop from Cologne central station, actually its just on the other side of the Rhine from the central station and one can easily walk over there as there is a huge bridge right next to it. For western Europe Cologne is the better location as its close to France and hte Netherlands and has a great connection via train and by air.