Video: Best old school video game tunes of all time

Great tunes never go out of style and that goes for video games. Here's PC Authority's countdown of the 7 greatest old school video game themes of all time, with a little help from Youtube.

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InMyOpinion3721d ago

What a crappy list. Here's a much better list(mine):

1. Delta,

2. Castlevania II,

3. Wizards & Warriors,

4. Megaman 2,

5. The Last Ninja 2,

6. The Last Ninja 2(other tune),

7. Xenon II,


Double Dragon - at the 2 minute mark


The sound of the weapon charging for a big shot in R-Type is awesome too.........

Both ^^^^ also in my top 10 games of all time

FreestyleBarnacle3721d ago

What about Jet Set Willy? Saying that I can't remember it right now, once I saw it all I could hear in my head was Tetris.