Early Star Wars Reviews off the Mark

With the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Unleashed receiving poor early reviews, Gameplayer has come to the defence of the game, explaining in this editorial why disgruntled fans shouldn't right the game off just yet.

"I can see why and where people might find ways to whinge about the game – it's not a Picasso - but my early thoughts are that it delivers on its promise: of unleashing The Force. And that the audience which it is sure to attract and for which it was primarily made will absolutely love it. "

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Fishy Fingers3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I'm becoming semmingly annoyed by the recent trend of "defending" games because they've recieved mediocre scores. Reviews are opinions, if you want better scores you have to make a better game.

I very much doubt gameplayer jumping to the games defence will change anyones current opinion of the game. Neither do they have the right to say what reviews/scores are right/wrong.

SlappingOysters3720d ago

Doesn't sound like you did. It wasn't really taking it like that: it was merely another opinion, just one that counters what we have seen already.

Fishy Fingers3720d ago

Honestly, no. Gameplayer & videogamer are the only 2 sites I cant access at work :(

While I maybe over reacting towards this article I'm actually speaking generally.

Lumbo3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Sorry oyster, but if a page claims "the scores are OFF the mark" they clearly state that these scores are wrong. Thereby stating that the opinions of the other pages reviewers are wrong, contrary to their own opinion that is surely right. Sounds more like a religion to me than a professional business.

The whole "i need to come to game X's defense" nonsense needs to stop. It starts to look like gamereviewers are now loosing the focus on the games and start to whine and moan about who gave what game what score and why their own opinion is so much more valid.


Early Star Wars reviews off the mark

Not exactly the scores we had in mind

Written by: Chris Stead | 9/9/2008 3:26:33 PM

Hey, looks like fun.
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Hey, looks like fun.

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I realise that everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I have been quite surprised by the early review scores which have been emerging regarding Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I have had the full review code for a while, and last Friday I took it home and turned it on just to see what it was like. The online review embargo does not lift until next week so you will have to wait till then to read my full, official analysis, but in light of the first few scores (including a 56/100) I felt the need to come to the game’s defence. I couldn’t put it down all weekend.

I can see why and where people might find ways to whinge about the game – it’s not a Picasso - but my early thoughts are that it delivers on its promise: of unleashing The Force. And that the audience which it is sure to attract and for which it was primarily made will absolutely love it.

These early reviews have made me think a lot about who is reviewing games. I don’t want to take anything away from my compatriots as they not only have a right to their opinion, but write to their own audience. I just feel strongly about the need to remember that in an age of gaming which is dominated by technology – middleware this, HDMI that – we are all here to have fun. And when you have been in the critique business of for a decade plus, you need to remind yourself what it’s all about. To stop yourself from becoming jaded: at least in my experience.

I have documented my thoughts in detail on this matter previously with the article Yes, you can give 10/10s, but I really hope that the impressive ground LucasArts has made with Euphoria and Digital Molecular Matter on this game - not to mention their take on telling a narrative – isn’t buried in a bit of the ol’ tall poppy syndrome. At the moment I’m having a blast with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and look forward to the endgame. Ultimately these early reviews could match the general vibe amongst fans: I’m just suggesting that you may not want to write this game off just yet.

Keep an eye on gameplayer for a review soon, and if you are interested in reading more about some of the cool things Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is doing, check out our article Top 10 Technologies of the Next-Generation.

If a game is great for the majority it will show on the majority of the reviews. And i don't see why we would need people proclaim their own opinions more valuable then anyone elses.

Sucks2BU3720d ago

The article made a point of saying that the other's opinions were just that. It is more about saying hey don't give up on this game just yet - I remember reading an article on here the other day that went something like - First Star wars reviews in and its not pretty - to which this article would be a counter.

P.S not sure if you should be posting the whole article in here, maybe you should have pm'd it to the unfortunate Mr. Fingers. I did that in another forum with an article from gameplayer and got a pm saying a blurb and a link was fine but posting a full article is a breach of that site's copyright.

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SlappingOysters3720d ago

so obviously the game is on Wii too - do you think the idea of using teh Wii-mote as a lightsaber will send a lot of sales that way, or those people will be just playing the clone wars? I tend to think the latter.

Looks like motionplus came just a little too late for LucasArts!

Sucks2BU3720d ago

Everything I have seen regarding this game suggests it is worthy of scores better than what Too Human and Haze were getting!

Silogon3720d ago

I just didn't like it. The game was average on all ronts but the ones that were below average. There was nothing stand out about the game. Nothing at all. The lightsaber should feel powerful and it just doesn't. You don't even cut arms and legs off the storm troopers. C'mon!!!

The camera was clunky. the graphics were bare and plain. The reflections looked weak and the lighting was bad. nothing about this game screames "I'VE GOTTA HAVE IT!!

Ozzyb3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I think the article is true in a sense. I don't think he is so much questioning this game, but rather game reviewers criteria when reviewing a game. It gives a bit of support to that article if you click the link about "Yes, you can give 10/10s". I for one, agree with the what he is saying for the most part. Maybe this game deserves every last 6 and 7 that it gets.. but that does not mean that every game that got a 6 or 7 deserved it. I do think that reviewers tend to forget about fun when they play certain games. My best example would have to be Mercenaries 2.. while even I find it hard to defend most parts of that game, to deny that it is fun (which many sites have done) is wrong, in my opinion. Games will have their bugs and glitches (some like Mercenaries will have everyone's share and more), but in the end you have to ask yourself, did you have fun? I think many gamers and reviewers forget that little notion, "fun", and get too hung up on a variety of other criteria that don't impact the fun in any major way.

At the same time I think that immersion is paramount in many games. When you have too many problems in a game to be truly immersed in it, you deserve to have your game marked down. In Mercenaries for example, I don't care too much about immersion because whether or not that tree pops up late or not does not stop me from calling in a spectacular looking airstrike, and that is what that game is meant to do. If that happened in Metal Gear Solid 4 on the other hand, it would be a completely different story.

To each, his own, I guess..

PS. Is a whinge something like a mix of a whine and a cringe?

Fishy Fingers3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Whinge means, to moan or whine (usually in a childish manner).

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