GI.Biz Interview: Matt Booty & Martin Speiss - Part Two

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "Following the first part of the interview with Midway's interim CEO and president Matt Booty and the company's executive VP for International Martin Spiess, here the top two address the question of business competition, explain the reasoning behind the casual online portal launch and evaluate the position of Europe.

Q: Is it the most competitive time in history for the videogames industry in terms of business?

Martin Spiess: It's always about customer value, and I think what's probably changed is the perception of what customer value is - the bar has been raised, so people are expecting a lot more from a game now than they would have expected ten years ago.

But as you can see from our past releases, between Stranglehold and Unreal, we're pretty much up there. We can compete with the best, and if you look at our line-up for this year, it's all triple-A top notch titles.

It might be a little bit tougher from a technology standpoint, but we've positioned ourselves well."

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