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Zorkaz730d ago

As stated in the summary, fantastic game! From a massive a truly detailed map (honestly, it really stands out as something special for me), awesome and refined combat, and stealth (and the freakin' Batmobile for crying out loud!), and what I found to be a really compelling story, fit for even the big screens (it's better than half if not all the Batman films that came out in the last decade in my opinion so why the hell not), coupled with the most amazing character design in gaming, and you get ... well, awesome!
There is one thing you got wrong, or didn't know. You CAN play all the characters in the AR challenges! If you didn't know this, now you do! Just press left or right on the DPad or some equivalent, just look it up, and boom! You can play as whoever you like, including the DLC characters Red Hood, Harley Quinn and Batgirl. In combat it's just combat, but in stealth you have different objectives for different characters. It's really great, so check it out! :)

Psychonaut85730d ago

Loved this game, gameplay is definitely a new high for the series. But the boss fights were really weak (almost nonexistent), was super excited to fight Deathstroke again after that awesome fight in Origins, and the fact that his and a few other key fights were relegated to tank battles was massively disappointing. Don't get me wrong I actually enjoyed the tank fights, but using it for key boss battles was really lazy.