For Honor Alpha Impressions - Cinelinx

Cinelinx got their hands on the For Honor Alpha and provide their experiences with the game.

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sampson3121814d ago (Edited 814d ago )

"While I found the combat to be amazing, I also think it had some flaws. For example, if you ever got double teamed you were basically dead. I don’t think I witnessed a single person get out of that situation."

that's the best part. while fighting someone one on one i found myself looking around as i was fighting to make sure another enemy wasn't coming. if i noticed two or more enemies, i would run to a smaller area, with walls around me, to fight. the game has friendly damage so if you find yourself up against more than one opponent it's best to bottleneck because they hit walls and each other which gives you a chance to kill each one, one at a time.

yes it's hard, but i would rather learn to use strategy and defeat two enemies, f--king amazing, then to have some bull like only one on one, especially in a 2v2 or 4v4 battle.

let's hope they don't listen to people that want to ruin the freedom of the game so they can make it like every other game.

they have a good game going the way it is. tweaking is a good thing, changing the whole dynamic of the game is not.

plus it makes for a more real experience.

Soldierone812d ago

4V4 is understandable with that mentality since there are many areas to run to.

The 2 v 2 map had very little areas to run to like that. Plus with people being the Samurai it was hard to run when he had reach like he did. If you were the guy that was stuck on the bridge, and your teammate goes down, you were screwed. There is no way to cross that bridge and get inside and tuck into a corner.

A better option would be to further develop the mechanic they had in the game. Switching between enemies was hard, and the diving out of areas didn't work too well.

sampson3121812d ago

i like the fact that, like in real life, two on one isn't fair and it should stay in the game. i beat two people a couple of times and the thrill of those victories was better than any game I've played in years. it's not supposed to be easy. i hope they don't ruin the game by only allowing one on one in a 2v2 or 4v4 fighting. i won't buy the game if they do anything like that.

Soldierone812d ago

Yeah I'm not saying make it easy. I'm just saying make it less frustrating. There were times when I was trying to switch targets (because my teammate had nearly killed him already), but my character kept returning aim to my initial combatant. I would then swing through him, to try and hit the other person.

Or when trying to get away, the Berserk and Samurai could still hit you while distant from them. Samurai had reach, and berserk was too fast.

Not saying hand the game over, it should still have a challenge and strategy, but it shouldn't be frustrating. I had no problem 2v1 while in the 4v4 mode, it was Duel that I had issues with it.

sampson3121812d ago

they will tweak it. did you complete the survey? they ask about that exact situation.