'Classic' PSP games coming to PlayStation Store

"While it doesn't quite fulfill our wish list of PSP games we'd most want to purchase by download and run from a single Memory Stick, D3 Publisher's "classic" catalog is coming to PlayStation Store (the PC one) this September. Props for being ahead of the curve. Up for digital delivery will be:"

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thereapersson3746d ago

And they are already thinking of rolling out downloadable PSP titles? The only way I can see this being effective is for those who like to "pirate" their games, or create backups on memory sticks.

Get your PSone classics up to par first, and then we can talk about downloading PSP games...

Homicide3746d ago

I agree. They have Syphon Filter 1 & 3, but not 2. Come on, where is it? Anyways, I don't mind PSP games going to the PStore, as long as they're cheaper than retail.

Ro11z3746d ago

sure they NEED to get the Psone games up to par but im thinking this move it more aimed at the PsP2 so it can get Rid of the awfull UMD and will get over the backwards compatibility issues then

Good idea but needed ages ago

gersh3745d ago

You're completely right.
Their selection of PSone games is $hit.

DarkBlood3745d ago

would be kool if you could play it on the ps3 as well for big screen and comfy controller

John-Paul-Jones3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Man, I want Metal Gear Solid on the Canadian (hopefully!) and Amerian PSN Store more than anything.